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A Touch of Sin Trailer (2013)

04 October 2013

Four independent stories set in modern China about random acts of violence.

The Guillotines Trailer (2012)

20 December 2012

During the Manchurian-ruled Qing Dynasty, Emperor Yong Zheng established a secret assassination squad known as the Guillotines to eliminate all who opposed him.

Saving Mr. Wu Trailer (2015)

30 September 2015

In this suspenseful crime thriller, Mr. Wu, a Hong Kong movie star, is kidnapped by six unpredictable criminals disguised as police officers.

Yellow River Aria Trailer (2014)

22 August 2014

Looking for a successor to his leadership of a Lao Qiang shaddow puppet theatre places Shao in a dilemma; only sons with blood ties can become apprentices.

Never Gone Trailer (2016)

08 July 2016

A wealthy young man pursues a young woman of modest means, but circumstances often separate them as the years pass.