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Operation Y and Other Shurik's Adventures Trailer (1965)

23 July 1965

The film consists of three independent parts: "Workmate", "Déjà vu" and "Operation Y". The plot follows the adventures of Shurik (alternative spelling — Shourick), the naive and nerdy Soviet student who often gets into ludicrous situations but always finds a way out very neatly.

Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears Trailer (1980)

11 February 1980

This is a life story of three girlfriends from youth to autumn ages. Their dreams and wishes, love, disillusions.

Afonya Trailer (1975)

13 October 1975

The 1975 film by Georgi Daneliya "Afonya" was an unexpected commercial hit in USSR. The main character "Afonya" Borshev is a plumber, who spends his life partying with "buddies", many of whom he doesn't even remember after nights of heavy drinking.

Mimino Trailer (1977)

06 June 1977

Georgian bush pilot Valentin (Valiko) Mizandari a.k.a. Mimino works at small local airlines, flying helicopters between small villages.

Walking the Streets of Moscow Trailer (1964)

11 April 1964

"I Am Walking Along Moscow" aka "Ya Shagayu Po Moskve" (1963) is a charming lyrical comedy directed by Georgi Daneliya in 1963 that was nominated for Golden Palm at Cannes Film Festival.

Cipollino Trailer (1972)

01 January 1972

In a world inhabited by anthropomorphic produce, Cipollino fights the unjust treatment of his fellow vegetable townsfolk by the fruit royalty (Prince Lemon and the overly proud Lord Tomato) in the garden kingdom.

Captain Nemo Trailer (1975)

25 January 1975

Based on novel "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" by Jules Verne.

The Adventures of Buratino Trailer (1975)

20 December 1975

A wooden boy Buratino tries to find his place in life. He befriends toys from a toy theater owned by evil Karabas-Barabas, gets tricked by Alice the Fox and Basilio the Cat and finally discovers the mystery of a golden key given to him by kind Tortila the Tortoise.

About the Little Red Riding Hood Trailer (1977)

01 January 1977

A sequel to the well-known story about a Little Red Riding Hood (Krasnaya Shapochka). This time, a family of a slain wolf decides to avenge his death.

The Flight Trailer (1970)

01 January 1970

The film is about a group of people who in other times wouldn't have anything in common, some of them innocent bystanders, some moral criminals.

The Adventures of the Electronic Trailer (1979)

01 January 1979

Professor Gromov constructs a robot called Electronic, which looks exactly like Sergey Syroezhkibn, a 6-grader from one of Odessa (USSR) schools.

Look for a Woman Trailer (1982)

09 June 1982

The story begins when Alice Postique, who had to stay late at work, discovers her boss Roche with a knife in his back.

The Long Recess Trailer (1972)

06 June 1972

A young teacher goes to a school for adults. He is younger than many of his students and some of them are starting to miss school.

Hopelessly Lost Trailer (1973)

06 June 1973

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hopelessly Lost is a 1973 Soviet adventure comedy directed by Georgi Daneliya based on Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Thirty-three Trailer (1965)

21 April 1965

A comedy about the adventures of engineer Travkin after scientists discover he has 33 teeth.

The Shield and the Sword Trailer (1969)

19 August 1969

Soviet spy film , based on a novel by Vadim Kozhevnikov, who was Secretary of the Soviet Writers' Union.

Days of the Turbins Trailer (1976)

06 June 1976

Masterfully done re-telling of Bulgakov's brilliant play (itself a version of the novel, "White Guard"), "Days of the Turbins".

The Adventures of Prince Florisel Trailer (1979)

01 January 1979

A mostly comical tale of all-powerful and wealthy Bavarian prince adventures that started when prince was seeking to deal with the boredom.

Domestic Circumstances Trailer (1977)

06 June 1977

Multiply love stories are going around the young family including the newlyweds parnts and even... a grandmother.

Crime and Punishment Trailer (1970)

28 September 1970

Raskolnikov, an impoverished ex-law student, kills an old pawnbroker and her sister, perhaps for money, perhaps to prove a theory about being above the law.

The Story of the Voyages Trailer (1983)

04 September 1983

In this fantasy with dragons and flying machines, 10-year-old Marta is determined to find her brother who was kidnapped at Christmastime by a fake Saint Nick because the little boy is blessed with the ability to locate gold.

Silva Trailer (1981)

01 September 1981

Silva Varescu, a self-sufficient and professionally successful cabaret performer from Budapest, is about to embark on a tour of America.

100 grams for Bravery Trailer (1976)

01 January 1976

A very shy man takes 100 grams of vodka and... adventures begin.

Unpaid Vacation Trailer (1982)

01 January 1982

Young girl takes unpaid vacation in order to fly from Sibir to Moscow to visit the guy she loves but finds that she's not so welcome in his life.

The Blizzard Trailer (1965)

10 February 1965

Short story "Metel" from volume "Povesti Belkina".

Priekhali na konkurs povara Trailer (1978)

26 December 1978

Three wonderful chefs from Yerevan come to Moscow to participate in the contest of masters of culinary art.

Step Forward Trailer (1975)

12 December 1975

Five sad and funny romantic stories about love...

The New Adventures of Captain Vrungel Trailer (1978)

15 December 1978

The extraordinary adventures of schoolboy Vasya Lopotukhin aboard the yacht of the famous Captain Vrungel and his cheerful first mate Lom…The dashing crew investigates the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, braves hurricanes and storms, fights with Fierce Harry and the band of his cutthroats.

The Miracle Voice of Gelsomino Trailer (1977)

07 June 1977

Gelsomino finds himself in a topsy-turvy "land of liars," where red is green, bread is ink, and dogs meow.

Be My Husband Trailer (1981)

06 June 1981

The children's doctor is sent on leave to the south where its services in quality "husband" were necessary for young and very beautiful woman.

In the Thirteenth Hour of the Night Trailer (1969)

01 January 1969

Various dwellers of the Russian forest: Leshiy (forest goblin), Vodyanoy (water spirit), Ovinni (barn spirit) Domovoy (house spirit), Anchutka (gremlin) and Rusalka (mermaid) meet at Baba Yaga's chicken-legged hut and receive an esteemed guest who appears from nowhere.

A Dog Was Walking on the Piano Trailer (1978)

01 January 1978

The 16-year-old Tanya Canareykina decided to drastically change her life. For starters she fell in love with a pilot who played the trumpet and had sad, dreaming eyes.

Battle on the way Trailer (1961)

26 September 1961

He was appointed as the new chief engineer of a tractor factory. The presence of this man, direct, hard and uncompromising, creates a lot of conflict - primarily between him and the director of the plant.

Chest of Drawers Was Lead Through the Street... Trailer (1978)

08 January 1978

An omnibus of comical shorts.

Legends of Peruvian Indians Trailer (1978)

28 January 1978

The film is based myths of the ancient Peruvians, recreated Soviet ethnographers Yuri Beryozkin on drawings Indians Mochica.

Aistyonok Trailer (1980)

03 April 1980

A story about the adventures of a rural boy, the unassuming inventor and the dreamer. A young, inventive designer is interested in “new solutions”, which he will often get from adults.

The Trust That Has Burst Trailer (1982)

06 June 1982

A witty comedy, that has fun and philosophy in one. Inspired by short stories of O`Henry.

First Cavalry Trailer (1984)

05 November 1984

Feature film.

Nose Trailer (1977)

30 December 1977

A fantasy about an official whose nose has escaped.

Under the Roofs of Montmartre Trailer (1975)

03 January 1975

A story of three struggling artists: a painter, a poet, and a composer, living in a bohemian Montmartre district of Paris.

The Circus Princess Trailer (1982)

25 December 1982

Based on the "Die Zirkusprinzessin" operetta by Kálmán Imre.

The Evening Labyrinth Trailer (1980)

28 March 1980

A funny comedy about a group of inspectors preparing to build a labyrinth in a small town.

Opasnyy Povorot Trailer (1972)

06 June 1972

Robert and Freda Caplan are entertaining guests at their country retreat. A chance remark by one of the guests ignites a series of devastating revelations, revealing a hitherto undiscovered tangle of clandestine relationships and dark secrets, the disclosures of which have tragic consequences.

Нейлон 100% Trailer (1973)

17 December 1973

Never guessed and didn't expect Trailer (1982)

06 June 1982

In an ordinary Soviet apartment, where an ordinary Soviet family lives, suddenly ... the donkey breaks in.

Funny People Trailer (1977)

10 November 1977

Kometa Trailer (1984)

01 April 1984

Vassilissa Mikulishna Trailer (1975)

01 January 1975

Adaptation of the epic "Tale about the beautiful Vassilissa Mikulishna". As Vassilissa with her intelligence and cunning freed her husband from prison.

The Magician Trailer (1968)

18 March 1968