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The Wedding Trailer (2000)

14 May 2000

The beautiful Tanya returns to her small mining town, after supposedly working as a model in Moscow. She decides to marry her shy school sweetheart Mishka, who now works in the mine.

Moy Lyubimyy Razdolbay Trailer (2011)

21 September 2011

Горе-пиарщик, ловелас и авантюрист Миша Воробьев — на пороге очередного зигзага судьбы, не сулящего ему ничего хорошего.

Queen of Spades Trailer (2016)

17 November 2016

Once upon a time, the great soprano Sofia Mayer conquered the world with her voice, her beauty and the legend she carefully built around herself.

The Land of OZ Trailer (2015)

10 June 2015

In Yekaterinburg over the Christmas period, shop assistant Lenka Shabadinova experiences a number of incredible events and unexpected meetings.

Criminal Talent Trailer (1988)

12 December 1988

A tragicomic story about a long going duel between experienced detective and young and pretty girl in the start of her grafter career.

One Love in a Million Trailer (2007)

05 April 2007

A young couple - Anna and Mityai suddenly find a case with one million counterfeited dollars.

Дело гастронома №1 (Охота на Беркута) Trailer (2011)

31 October 2011

Bolshaya Rzhaka! Trailer (2012)

02 August 2012

Two best friends - Shiryaev and Molotok are looking for Kolchack's treasure.

KostyaNika. Time of Summer Trailer (2006)

09 March 2006

A love story between two teenagers - 16 years old Kostya and 15 years old Nika.

A Key to the Bedroom Trailer (2003)

18 April 2003

In the beginning of a new century the capital of Russia is just amazing and full of poets, beautiful women and arts.

Dochka Trailer (2008)

16 October 2008

Преуспевающий бизнесмен случайно узнает об измене своей жены с его лучшим другом.

Burning Hot Saturday Trailer (2002)

02 January 2002

Deputy Dmitry Zemcov is working on a Law on State Support for Small Business. After coming home he finds his wife, Vera with their old friend Ivan.

S Dnem Rozhdeniya, Lola Trailer (2001)

06 June 2001

The film's hero, Lola, is getting ready for the celebration of her birthday. Because she knows she is in for a surprise, she lets two strangers with flowers and a cake into her apartment.

Repetitor Trailer (2007)

06 June 2007

Юная Настя приводит домой репетитора. Но её маму не радует желание дочки учиться.

Povest Nepogashennoy Luny Trailer (1990)

06 June 1990

Легендарный полководец Гражданской войны, победитель Врангеля приезжает в столицу по вызову Сталина.