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New Adventures of a Yankee in King Arthur's Court. Fantasy Over Mark Twain's Theme Trailer (1988)

06 June 1988

A plane crashes in the time of King Arthur. The surviving pilot tries to accommodate to this strange new world.

The Adventures of Scamper the Penguin Trailer (1987)

26 June 1987

Scamper is a little penguin who loves wandering around the Artic where he lives with his parents. Unfortunately his little adventures tend to get he, and his friend Snowflake into trouble, especially when he disobeys his father and goes exploring with seagulls who want to eat him flying above, and men and dogs on the ground with them.

The Taming of the Shrew Trailer (1961)

24 September 1961

Classic adaptation of the even more classic play by William Shakespeare.

Nomer 'Lyuks' Dlya Generala s Devochkoi Trailer (1991)

06 June 1991

Шестнадцатилетняя Люська сбегает из дома, где отчим не дает ей прохода, и знакомится с карточным шулером по фамилии Бристоль.

The Duenna Trailer (1978)

06 June 1978

A funny musical based on the comedy "The Duenna" by British dramatist Richard B. Sheridan.

Charlotte Necklace Trailer (1984)

17 December 1984

While investigating a murder KGB detectives discover a criminal group which transfers a stolen artworks abroad .

Taras Shevchenko Trailer (1951)

17 December 1951

Soviet drama film about the Ukranian artist Taras Shevchenko.

Inspector Losev Trailer (1982)

06 June 1982

A classic mystery story based on Arkadi Adamov novels.

Sin: A Story of Passion Trailer (1993)

06 June 1993

Young girl Nina is falling in love with the orthodox priest with a criminal past.