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Black Book Trailer (2006)

01 September 2006

In the Nazi-occupied Netherlands during World War II, a Jewish singer infiltrates the regional Gestapo headquarters for the Dutch resistance.

Wickie the Viking Trailer (2009)

09 September 2009

Vicky is a viking-boy who lives with his parents Halvar and Ylva in the small village Flake. He is a typical viking boy, but rather fearful.

Wickie and the Treasure of the Gods Trailer (2011)

28 September 2011

When does the little Vicky finally a real Viking? This question can his father Halvar no rest. But when the terrible Sven kidnapped the chief of Flake, has to prove himself unexpectedly Vicky: As deputy chief, he leads the strong men and it gets support from the fearless Svenja.

Sun Alley Trailer (1999)

07 October 1999

A group of kids grow up on the short, wrong (east) side of the Sonnenallee in Berlin, right next to one of the few border crossings between East and West reserved for German citizens.

Miracle at St. Anna Trailer (2008)

15 September 2008

Miracle at St. Anna chronicles the story of four American soldiers who are members of the all-black 92nd "Buffalo Soldier" Division stationed in Tuscany, Italy during World War II.

Victor and the Secret of Crocodile Mansion Trailer (2012)

22 March 2012

Victor is both thrilled and mystified when his family moves into his grand-uncles somber mansion filled with African masks, taxidermy crocodile mounts - and a dark secret: Four decades ago, his grand-cousin Cecilia, at the same age as he is now, lost her life in the mansions impressive staircase, and the circumstances of her death still remain obscure.

Lissi and the Wild Emperor Trailer (2007)

24 October 2007

The plot concerns a yeti who makes a pact with the devil to kidnap the most beautiful girl in the world.

Nord Nord Mord - Clüvers Geheimnis Trailer (2015)

09 March 2015

Wendy Der Film Trailer (2017)

26 January 2017

Alive and Ticking Trailer (2011)

07 July 2011

Eva lives a happy life with her ​​father, an unsuccessful but always optimistic car salesman, her consumerist mother, and her quirky grandmother.

Head Under Water Trailer (2007)

05 September 2007

Something terrible is about to happen in a small town in Germany. Nobody knows the reason why, except one person: Rico Bartsch.

Radegund Trailer (2017)

31 December 2017

The Austrian Franz Jägerstätter, a conscientious objector, refuses to fight for the Nazis in World War II and is executed by them in 1943.

Waiter Trailer (2006)

28 September 2006

Edgar works as a waiter in 'Het Westen', a restaurant. He is married and has a lover. His neighbors terrorize him with loud music and garbage.

Visus - Expedition Arche Noah Trailer (2011)

28 May 2011

Hochzeitspolka Trailer (2010)

30 September 2010

Die schwarzen Brüder Trailer (2014)

17 April 2014

Up until the middle of the 19Th century, poverty stricken mountain farmers from the Ticino area of Switzerland frequently sold their children to Milan as chimney sweeps or spazzacamini.

Die Fahnderin Trailer (2014)

04 March 2014

Der Athen Krimi: Trojanische Pferde Trailer (2016)

28 January 2016

Nord Nord Mord - Clüver und der tote Koch Trailer (2016)

04 April 2016

Beloved Berlin Wall Trailer (2009)

19 November 2009

Berlin, 1989. Sascha is a young East German border guard and Franzi is a lively young West German woman who's just moved into a flat next to Sascha's watchtower at the Berlin Wall.

Mordshunger Trailer (2008)

22 May 2008

No overview found.

Lasko - Death Train Trailer (2006)

16 March 2006

A peace-seeking monk must save a train full of pilgrims from terrorists intending to unleash a deadly virus.

Nemesis Trailer (2010)

27 October 2010

No overview found.

Schlaflos in Istanbul Trailer (2014)

05 June 2014

Eine Hand wäscht die Andere Trailer (2014)

22 January 2014

Kommissar Dupin - Bretonische Brandung Trailer (2014)

27 November 2014

Killerjagd. Töte mich, wenn du kannst Trailer (2009)

21 September 2009

A young woman (Alexandra Neldel) begins to work collecting emergency calls when get one that puts she on the trail of a serial murderer who, for some strange reason, she intends to become involved in the case.

Der letzte Kronzeuge - Flucht in die Alpen Trailer (2014)

16 February 2014

Alma ermittelt – Tango und Tod Trailer (2007)

07 May 2007

Zwei Wochen für uns Trailer (2005)

24 June 2005

Schade um das schöne Geld Trailer (2008)

06 June 2008

In einem kleinen Dorf an der Küste, wo sich Robbe und Hering Gute Nacht sagen, geht alles seinen friesischen Gang: Der Himmel hängt tief, die Träume hoch, und das Leben schippert irgendwo dazwischen.

Der Freund von früher Trailer (2002)

01 January 2002

Die Bullenbraut 2 - Der Tod hat 17 Karat Trailer (2006)

04 May 2006

Tote Hose – Kann nicht, gibt’s nicht Trailer (2005)

15 September 2005

Beautiful Bitch Trailer (2007)

26 October 2007

The story opens with Bica, a solvent abusing waif, trying in vain to evade the Romanian police with her infant brother in tow.

Verrückt nach Emma Trailer (2008)

10 March 2008

Wickie The Viking Trailer (2009)

02 September 2009

The story of a young Viking boy who accompanies his father, the chief of their village, and his men on their adventures -- and often is the person who uses his wit and instincts to help the men in their times of need.

Hinter Kaifeck Trailer (2009)

06 February 2009

No overview found.

Als der Fremde kam Trailer (2006)

10 May 2006

Die Schnüfflerin - Peggy kann's nicht lassen Trailer (2008)

25 September 2008

Das Gelübde Trailer (2007)

10 November 2007

GG 19 – Deutschland in 19 Artikeln Trailer (2007)

31 May 2007

Arnies Welt Trailer (2005)

28 October 2005

Ein Zwilling ist nicht genug Trailer (2004)

26 February 2004

Der Vater meiner Schwester Trailer (2005)

23 August 2005

Die Österreichische Methode Trailer (2006)

26 October 2006

No overview found.

Die Bullenbraut – Ihr erster Fall Trailer (2005)

19 January 2005

Das Zimmermädchen und der Millionär Trailer (2004)

12 October 2004

Liebe in der Warteschleife Trailer (2004)

05 October 2004

Besser als Schule Trailer (2004)

10 November 2004

Die heimlichen Blicke des Mörders Trailer (2001)

27 March 2001