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Under the Bed Trailer (2012)

19 July 2012

Two brothers team up to battle a creature under the bed, in what is being described as a "suburban nightmare" tale.

Submerged Trailer (2015)

27 November 2015

A limo ride turns hellish as several kidnappers set their sights on the young people inside.

Automaton Transfusion Trailer (2008)

19 May 2008

Three teens find themselves in a town over run with zombies. Deciding to fight back, they go on a punch you in the throat, action packed, non stop ride through the city, woods, and schools.

Other People's Children Trailer (2015)

25 December 2015

A filmmaker, reeling from the death of her famous father, falls down the rabbit hole of a charismatic homeless man who becomes the subject of her latest documentary and her new love interest.

Fun Size Horror: Volume One Trailer (2015)

01 May 2015

Thirty-one twisted tales made from a collective of genre loving filmmakers, Fun Size Horror: Volume One aims to chill and delight horror fans.

Penance Trailer (2009)

30 May 2009

A young mother decides to become a stripper to earn some fast cash only to find her worst nightmaresn

The Curse of Downers Grove Trailer (2015)

21 August 2015

The town of Downers Grove looks like your average suburban neighborhood -- but Downers Grove has a disturbing secret.

Frankenstein Reborn Trailer (2005)

28 August 2005

The latest psychiatrist assigned to assess whether inmate Victor Frank is mentally fit to stand trial for murder gives up in frustration and so the asylum head Dr Robert Walton steps in to do the job.

Don't Wake Mommy Trailer (2015)

01 January 2015

Molly is struggling with being a new mom, but after meeting Beth, things temporarily improve only to turn as Beth's dark intentions are brought to light.