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Freaks Trailer (1932)

20 February 1932

A circus' beautiful trapeze artist agrees to marry the leader of side-show performers, but his deformed friends discover she is only marrying him for his inheritance.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Trailer (1962)

22 April 1962

A senator, who became famous for killing a notorious outlaw, returns for the funeral of an old friend and tells the truth about his deed.

Between Two Women Trailer (1945)

28 March 1945

A young doctor proves his worth at a metropolitan hospital.

Ten Tall Men Trailer (1951)

26 October 1951

Sgt. Mike Kincaid of the French Foreign Legion learns, from a Riff prisoner, that an attack will soon be made by the villainous Hussin on the Legion's outpost of Tarfa.

The Colossus of New York Trailer (1958)

26 June 1958

A brilliant surgeon encases his dead son's brain in a large robot body, with unintended results...

3 Men in White Trailer (1944)

25 May 1944

Gillespie has to finally choose his official assistant, or Red and Lee are going to kill themselves in competition.

The People Vs. Dr. Kildare Trailer (1941)

02 May 1941

An ice skater sues Kildare (Lew Ayres) for malpractice after his roadside first aid leaves her paralyzed.

Sergeant Rutledge Trailer (1960)

18 May 1960

Respected black cavalry Sergeant Brax Rutledge stands court-martial for raping and killing a white woman and murdering her father, his superior officer.

Peter Pan Trailer (1924)

29 December 1924

Childrens' adventures in Neverland.

Young Dr. Kildare Trailer (1938)

14 October 1938

An intern (Lew Ayres) handles emergencies and wins an older doctor's (Lionel Barrymore) approval at a New York hospital.

Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant Trailer (1942)

01 November 1942

The doctor (Lionel Barrymore) has a Kansan (Van Johnson), an Australian and an Asian from Brooklyn to choose from.

I Died a Thousand Times Trailer (1955)

09 November 1955

I Died a Thousand Times is essentially a remake of the 1941 crime-drama classic High Sierra. Jack Palance steps into the old Humphrey Bogart role as Roy "Mad Dog" Earle, the ageing bank robber who intends to pull off one last heist before retiring.

Johnny Holiday Trailer (1949)

18 November 1949

A guard (William Bendix) befriends a wayward youth (Allen Martin Jr.) sent to the Indiana Boys School.

Dr. Kildare Goes Home Trailer (1940)

06 September 1940

A young doctor gives up big-city success to help his father set up a small-town clinic.

The Lone Ranger Trailer (1956)

25 February 1956

The territorial governor asks the Lone Ranger to investigate mysterious raids on settlers by Indians who ride with saddles.

Scaramouche Trailer (1923)

15 September 1923

A law student becomes an outlaw French revolutionary when he decides to avenge the unjust killing of his friend.

Love Laughs at Andy Hardy Trailer (1947)

16 January 1947

The judge's (Lewis Stone) son (Mickey Rooney) goes to college after serving in the war and finds his sweetheart (Bonita Granville) is engaged to someone else.

The Secret of Dr. Kildare Trailer (1939)

24 November 1939

Intern Kildare (Lew Ayres) heals a millionaire's daughter and tricks Dr. Gillespie (Lionel Barrymore) into taking a vacation.

Dr. Kildare's Strange Case Trailer (1940)

12 April 1940

Kildare (Lew Ayres) tries brain surgery, advised by Dr. Gillespie (Lionel Barrymore), and faces a rival for nurse Lamont (Laraine Day).

Lilac Time Trailer (1928)

18 October 1928

All of those handsome young men in their flying machines are billeted in a field next to the Widow Berthelot's farmhouse in France.

Calling Dr. Gillespie Trailer (1942)

01 August 1942

Dr. Gillespie is called in to investigate when a young man suffering from mental problems disappears on a killing spree.

Murder On The Blackboard Trailer (1934)

14 June 1934

There are plenty of guilty secrets at the school where Hildegarde Withers teaches. When she finds the body of the pretty music teacher, she calls in her old friend Inspector Piper, who promptly arrests the obvious suspect.

Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case Trailer (1943)

08 May 1943

In this 13th entry to the Dr. Kildare series, the medical staff of Blair General hospital are challenged with further dilemmas, not the least of which includes a prison inmate who Dr.

Dark Delusion Trailer (1947)

24 June 1947

After 15 entries, MGM's "Dr. Kildare" series came to a quiet end with Dark Delusion. Although Dr. Leonard Gillespie (Lionel Barrymore), crusty chief surgeon at Blair General Hospital, is officially the leading character, most of the footage is devoted to Gillespie's outspoken protégé, Dr.

She Went to the Races Trailer (1945)

04 November 1945

A group of scientists develop a system to pick winners at the racetrack. Comedy.

Wednesday's Child Trailer (1934)

26 October 1934

A 10-year-old's happy life is shattered when his parents are divorced.

Calling Dr. Kildare Trailer (1939)

28 April 1939

Young Dr. Kildare (Lew Ayres) treats a hoodlum for gunshot wounds without telling Dr. Gillespie (Lionel Barrymore).

Penguin Pool Murder Trailer (1932)

09 December 1932

The body of unscrupulous stockbroker Gerald Parker suddenly appears in the penguin tank at the aquarium.

Rationing Trailer (1944)

24 March 1944

A small-town butcher has problems coping with meat rationing.

Desert Nights Trailer (1929)

09 March 1929

A con man with his beautiful accomplice and a hostage steals a half million dollars worth of diamonds but finds they're all lost in the desert without water.

Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day Trailer (1941)

22 August 1941

A variety of predicaments arise to distract Dr. Kildare from his wedding to Nurse Mary Lamont.

Two In The Dark Trailer (1936)

10 January 1936

Director Benjamin Stoloff's 1936 mystery, set in Boston, stars Walter Abel as an amnesiac and Margot Grahame as an unemployed stage actress who work together to solve the murder of a playwright.

The Alaskan Trailer (1924)

14 September 1924

An Alaskan defies robber barons intent on corrupting the new state.

Wild Orchids Trailer (1929)

23 February 1929

A prince in Java tries to seduce his visitor's wife, but he's discovered.

Dr. Kildare's Crisis Trailer (1940)

29 November 1940

Jimmy Kildare's impending nuptials are jeopardized by a diagnosis of possible epilepsy in his fiancee's brother.

Flower of Night Trailer (1925)

17 October 1925

Triumph of the daughter of a cheated mine owner over a renegade and her love for the superintendent.

Dr. Kildare's Victory Trailer (1942)

04 February 1942

Dr. Gillespie (Lionel Barrymore) supports Kildare's (Lew Ayres) crusade against their hospital's deal with a rival hospital.