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Sara Trailer (1997)

23 May 1997

Forty-something Leon is an alcoholic, ex-special forces barely scraping by when he's hired by a mobster to protect his 16 year old daughter.

The Lure Trailer (2015)

25 December 2015

Two mermaid sisters, who end up performing at a nightclub, face cruel and bloody choices when one of them falls in love with a beautiful young man.

Mall Girls Trailer (2009)

25 September 2009

Shopping malls - today's place of creating desires. Best jewelry, clothes, shoes. Unaffordable by young girls, but they "work" to get themselves sponsors for new items.

Reverse Trailer (2009)

12 November 2009

A story about women, set in the present and in 1950s Warsaw. Sabina, a quiet, shy woman who has just turned thirty lacks a man in her life.

Jeziorak Trailer (2014)

17 October 2014

Angelus Trailer (2001)

02 November 2001

In the Polish town of Janow, during the 1930s, an occult commune was formed around Teofil Ociepka, an electrician at the local coal mine and a painter, who became a Master of Esoteric Science.

Damaged Trailer (2015)

02 October 2015

Rainer Dulsky, a professor of psychiatry from Switzerland, comes to Melania, the granddaughter of Mrs.

Excentrycy, czyli po słonecznej stronie ulicy Trailer (2015)

16 July 2015

These Daughters of Mine Trailer (2015)

09 November 2015

A 40-year old actress (single and strong, yet lonely), her sister (an emotionally unstable schoolteacher whose married-with-kids life appears more orderly) and their domineering father, who gradually loses control over his family due to his wife's sudden illness and his own health troubles; these are the three individuals at the heart of this film, a touching story about the strength of family ties in a situation of imminent danger.

Facet (nie)potrzebny od zaraz Trailer (2014)

14 February 2014

The Girl from the Wardrobe Trailer (2013)

14 June 2013

This is the story of three characters (brothers Tomek and Jacek and their neighbor Magda), each of them is in their own way lonely and alienated.

Lincz Trailer (2010)

17 September 2010

The story unfolds about the murder of an old man living in a remote village and six locals who may have been connected with the murder.

Tomorrow's Weather Trailer (2003)

02 October 2003

A man, after having abandoned his family to live in a monastery, goes back into the world after 17 years.

Sprawiedliwy Trailer (2016)

19 February 2016

The Last Action Trailer (2009)

10 September 2009

When his grandson is beaten by gangsters, a Warsaw veteran gathers his war buddies to take them on.

U Pana Boga w ogródku Trailer (2007)

31 August 2007

U Pana Boga w ogrodku (In God's Little Garden) is the sequal to U Pana Boga za piecem (1998). The story takes place in a small town called King's Bridge in eastern Poland.

The Fifth Season of the Year Trailer (2012)

26 December 2012

Flying Pigs Trailer (2010)

05 November 2010

A wealthy guy hires Oscar to cheer for his team which happens to be arch rival of the team he previously supported along with his brother.

Co slonko widzialo Trailer (2009)

01 December 2009

Three strangers living in Silesia - a 12-year-old half-orphan, a musically talented girl and a middle-aged unemployed ex-miner - are all desperate to get money to make their small dreams come true.

Who Never Lived Trailer (2006)

11 September 2006

A young, charismatic priest John, his time missionary in Africa, every day helping Warsaw young people addicted to drugs.

Anioł w Krakowie Trailer (2002)

20 September 2002

All Will Be Well Trailer (2007)

05 October 2007

A teenage boy, whose mother is terminally ill, and his alcohol-addicted sports teacher set out on a pilgrimage to Czestochowa.

In Hiding Trailer (2013)

14 October 2013

In the spring of 1944 in Poland, near the end of WWII, Janina faces a huge change in her life when her father decides to offer a shelter to his Jewish friend’s daughter Ester.

Everyone Knows Who They Are Standing Behind Trailer (1983)

01 January 1983

The 1980s Poland was a country of empty stores and long lines of people, standing all night and day to buy virtually anything.