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Thesis Trailer (1996)

11 April 1996

While doing a thesis about violence, Ángela finds a snuff video where a girl is tortured until death.

The Dancer Upstairs Trailer (2002)

20 September 2002

A police detective in a South American country is dedicated to hunting down a revolutionary guerilla leader.

Red Eagle Trailer (2011)

19 April 2011

A summit of the highest level will be held at the village, to be attended by the major powers of the time: France, England, Portugal and the pope himself.

Lenin: The Train Trailer (1988)

30 November 1988

March/April 1917. The first world war is already a couple year to pace. A sealed train with Russian emigrants keeps on driving from Zürich Germany and Sweden to Sint-Petersburg.

My Mother Likes Women Trailer (2002)

11 January 2002

"Sofia introduces her three adult daughters to her new lover who is their age and happens to be a woman.

Acantilado Trailer (2016)

03 June 2016

A mass suicide involving members of a cult takes place in the Canary Islands. Gabriel's younger sister, Cordelia, who he hasn't seen for years, was one of the cult followers.

Rage Trailer (2009)

12 August 2009

A romantic thriller about a construction worker in hiding for killing his foreman who hides in the mansion where his girlfriend works as a maid.

La conquista de Albania Trailer (1984)

23 January 1984

King Carlos II of Spain (r. 1665-1700) once sent his brother Luis to lead a military expedition into Albania and conquer that land for the Spaniards.

Ensalada Baudelaire Trailer (1978)

17 September 1978

A husband and wife are taken hostage on their boat.

Perros Callejeros Trailer (1977)

23 December 1977

Una pandilla de muchachos, que no llegan a los dieciséis años, del suburbio de Barcelona se han especializado en el robo de coches.

Dear Nanny Trailer (1986)

01 January 1986

Elvira, daughter of a disgraced military, who entered a convent at a young age leaves him and returns home to settle in Madrid with his beloved nanny, seeking help to overcome their crisis.

El jardín secreto Trailer (1984)

05 November 1984

A few days ago, Lucia (Assumpta Serna) receives anonymous letters in which he is forced to perform certain actions that she accepts without question.

Mikel's Death Trailer (1984)

17 February 1984

Opening at the funeral mass for Mikel, we flashback to those that played a part in Mikel's life and death; his estranged wife, his traditional Basque mother, a female impersonator and friend to Mikel in his coming out, and even the local priest.

Blindfolded Eyes Trailer (1978)

06 June 1978

While attending an international conference which seeks to reduce the incidence of the use of torture by nations around the globe, a movie director (Jose Luis Gomez) encounters a woman (Geraldine Chaplin) whom he decides to cast in a play about state torture.

El rey y la reina (TV) Trailer (1986)

16 July 1986

Virginia, la monaca di Monza Trailer (2004)

01 July 2004

Dos billetes Trailer (2007)

20 September 2007

Sleeping Beauties Trailer (2002)

01 October 2002

Lawrence, a renowned writer, comes to Santiago to spend a winter course. There, by his colleague Elijah, finds a very special house on the outskirts of the city, run by a secretive and mysterious woman, Salome.

Escape from Segovia Trailer (1981)

07 November 1981

Narrates the escape of 29 political prisoners, led by ETA, from Segovia prison. Based on actual events.

Alas rotas Trailer (2002)

20 September 2002

Black Island Trailer (1996)

12 August 1996

The story of friendship between two little girls of different races, one white, Susana, and one black, Rita, in Equatorial Guinea, including years 1950 and 1961.

Companys, proceso a Cataluña Trailer (1979)

17 September 1979

The Burned City Trailer (1976)

20 September 1976

The history of Cataluña from 1899 to 1909.

La oscura historia de la prima Montse Trailer (1977)

07 June 1977