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Farewell My Concubine Trailer (1993)

16 September 1993

Abandoned by his prostitute mother in 1920, Douzi was raised by a theater troupe. There he meets Shitou and over the following years the two develop an act entitled "Farewell My Concubine" that brings them fame and fortune.

Temptress Moon Trailer (1996)

09 May 1996

Set in the decadent 1920s, Temptress Moon tells the very complicated story of a wealthy family living on the outskirts of Shanghai.

Shen Tou Lu Cheng Trailer (2014)

16 November 2014

In the Underworld of Shanghai, Shadow Lee is considered the modern king of thieves. When a ruthless crime lord hires him to kidnap the daughter of a rival business man, Shadow must face his greatest challenge yet.