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Adnan Sempit Sawadikap Trailer (2014)

07 August 2014

Adnan, Bobby, Nadia and Wawa are going to Bangkok for a business affair plus a short getaway. Unfortunately, Nadia and Wawa had lost their passports.

Selamat Pagi Cinta Trailer (2008)

20 November 2008

GOOD MORNING, LOVE! tell two different stories of love, romance and love story of a woman and a man. Bittersweet tale of love.

Aku Masih Dara Trailer (2010)

16 December 2010

Films I Still Virgin centered on Aleesya (Yana Samsudin), Sofea (Raja Farah) and Hani who was three close friends who have different backgrounds.

Adnan Sempit 2 Trailer (2012)

23 February 2012

The sequel to the successful "Adnan Sempit" by Ismail Bob Hashim in 2010 which told the story of Adnan, an orphaned street biker who is cared for by his aunt.

Dua Kalimah Trailer (2013)

03 April 2013

"2 Kalimah" tells the story of a couple, Aiman and a Malay-English girl Selena, who decide to return to their hometown.

Adnan Sempit 3 Trailer (2013)

07 August 2013

The third instalment of "Adnan Sempit" sees Adnan married to his childhood love, Nadia, and Bobby married to Wawa.

Strawberi Cinta Trailer (2012)

06 December 2012

Story about the journey of a Japanese girl named Ichigo who travels to Malaysia for a vacation along with a tour group from his country through a travel package by Strawberry Vanilla Travel & Tours.

Wawa Semput Trailer (2013)

30 January 2013

Bobby and Wawa's love conflict in "Adnan Sempit" has not yet seen its end. Their story continues in this comedy-action film that has Bobby and Wawa facing the biggest challenge in the relationship when Bobby accuses Wawa of being unfaithful to him with Ismat.

Minyak Dagu Trailer (2013)

02 January 2013

Azman is determined to get his revenge when his fiancee Emelda breaks off their engagement to marry another man.

Adnan Semp-it Trailer (2010)

13 January 2010

Known as Nan Sempit by his friends, Adnan (Shaheizy Sam) is an orphan and a 'mat rempit' who decides to move to the big city in Kuala Lumpur after being treated unfairly by his aunt's family.

8 Jam Trailer (2012)

05 July 2012

A young man (Shaheizy Sam) is found guilty of a crime he did not commit and he has 8 hours to find out the truth and prove his innocence.

Histeria Trailer (2008)

18 December 2008

Histeria is a horror film about six female students attending a supposedly haunted school. As part of a prank, they pretend to be hysterical and are so convincing that the school calls in a witch doctor to “cure” them.

Cerita Kita Trailer (2013)

06 March 2013

Kamal, who used to wash cars for a living, decides to turn his life around upon the advice of Ika, the girl he is in love with.

Aku Ada, Kau Ada??? Trailer (2012)

24 May 2012

"Aku Ada, Kau Ada???" is a Malaysian musical comedy romance set in Korea, starring Yana Samsudin and Shaheizy Sam.

3 Temujanji Trailer (2012)

05 April 2012

Reanna has issues with men when it comes to love and relationships. Her principles are simply; that love only brings sorrow and that all men are useless.

Kongsi Trailer (2011)

12 May 2011

The action-comedy directed by Farid Kamil, focuses on the investigation done by ASP Shariff (Fizo Omar) towards the killing of triad members in Kuala Lumpur.

Bini-Biniku Gangster Trailer (2011)

22 September 2011

Manja and Herry are your perfect everyday loving and romantic married couple. But, Manja is a leader of a pack of gangsters, which she tries to hide from Herry.