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Blind Sun Trailer (2016)

20 April 2016

​Greece. A seaside resort struck by a heavy heat wave. Water is scarce and violence is ready to explode.

Invisible Trailer (2016)

03 November 2016

Aris, a 38-year-old worker in a factory is fired without any warning. He is shocked. As his attempts to be re-hired fail, he gradually becomes obsessed with the idea of taking justice into his own hands.

Amerika Square Trailer (2016)

11 October 2016

Tattoo artist Billy and unemployed Nakos are best friends from Athens. Old bachelor Nakos is a racist, obsessed with the victim mentality, and he rages at Greece’s increasing immigrant numbers.

Xenia Trailer (2014)

02 June 2014

Strangers in their own birthplace, 16-year-old Danny and 18-year-old Odysseus cross the entire country in search of their Greek father, after their Albanian mother passes away.

Illusion Trailer (2016)

18 February 2016

Sotiris is a financial editor at a local newspaper, living a mundane life, until he locks eyes with the gorgeous Olga at a Russian expat Christmas party.

Semele Trailer (2015)

12 September 2015

Eleven-year-old Semele unexpectedly arrives at her father's worksite in Cyprus with a note from school that needs to be signed.

Christmas Tango Trailer (2011)

01 December 2011

At the time of the Greek junta, in an isolated army camp, a lieutenant forces a soldier to teach him the tango in order to ask the wife of his Colonel to dance with him.

A Dog's Dream Trailer (2005)

25 February 2005

The most surprising night of your life.

Forget me not Trailer (2014)

06 November 2014

A road movie at sea and a love adventure. The story of two lovers at the world’s edge. Shot on location in the North Pacific, the Bering Sea, Alaska and New Orleans.

Wild Duck Trailer (2013)

11 October 2013

“Wild Duck” is the story of Dimitris, a telecommunications engineer who’s forced to shutter his business after running up a considerable debt with a local loan shark.

Blood Ties Trailer (2012)

22 March 2012

Margarita works as a flight assistant. Her life is divided between travels and the care of her sick father.

Hostage Trailer (2005)

04 March 2005

Inspired by the real-life story of a bus hijacking in Northern Greece, HOSTAGE explores the sensitive issue of Greek-Albanian relations through a young Albanian who takes over an intercity bus.