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Flower and Snake Trailer (1974)

22 June 1974

Shizuka is the aristocratic wife of the president of a large company. When she wants to divorce her domineering husband, he orders his employee Yoshi, the son of an adult toy store owner, to train his wife to become sexually submissive.

Private Affairs Trailer (1975)

20 September 1975

Tamaki is reunited with her wayward brother Yoichi when he rescues her from a gang-bang by three hoodlums.

Apartment Wife: Afternoon Seduction Trailer (1974)

15 January 1974

Pinku from 1974.

Carousel Maki: Yoru wa watashi o nurasu Trailer (1974)

03 August 1974

Pinku from 1974.

Preparation for the Festival Trailer (1975)

08 November 1975

Tateo, young and neurotic, wishes to leave the village his mother has raised him in.

Lusty Ama: Stirred-Up Pot Trailer (1976)

31 July 1976

Pinku from 1976.

Love Makes Me Wet Trailer (1973)

25 July 1973

Pinku from 1973.