Yip Wan-Chiu

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Island of Fire Trailer (1990)

01 January 1990

Someone in a prison run by a corrupt warden fakes the deaths of convicts to later use them as expendable assassins.

Gallery of Fools Trailer (1986)

01 January 1986

Five young people, Ding-tsu, Mei-huei, Nai-bao, Ching-tsu and San-mao are good friends. They don't like school and always cause trouble.

Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing? Trailer (1983)

01 April 1983

A poor army veteran in Taiwan adopts a daughter. She grows up and leaves him to enter show business. When she becomes famous she shuns her father and friends.

Yes, Sir Trailer (1987)

20 June 1987

First in a series of Taiwanese army comedies.