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Ninjaken: The Naked Sword Trailer (2006)

01 January 2006

In the time of warring states, the female ninja Murasame is assigned to assassinate the rebel Lord Daizen Osakabe, who has aligned himself with the Tokugawa clan in a plot to betray the Taiko! Despite overwhelming odds, Murasame nearly succeeds, but in the end is outnumbered and badly wounded.

Ninja She-Devil Trailer (2006)

25 October 2006

A female assassin has a special gift. While receiving a secret mission, that will require her special skill, she embarks on a very dangerous mission that forces her to encounter many dangerous enemies.

I Was a Teenage Ninja Trailer (2007)

25 November 2007

The movie is the fourth release in the Ninja Girl OV series. AV star Saki Ninomiya stars as Sora, a 19-year-old ninja who finds herself tasked with assassinating a well-guarded shaman.

Twin Blades of the Ninja Trailer (2007)

01 January 2007

Ancient Japan: a land filled with both exotic beauty and savage death! And in all the realm, the most feared killers are the ninja, silent assassins gifted with magical powers of stealth and deception.