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Shall We Dance? Trailer (1996)

27 January 1996

A bored Japanese accountant sees a beautiful woman in the window of a ballroom dance studio. He secretly starts taking dancing lessons to be near her, and then over time discovers how much he loves ballroom dancing.

Air: The Motion Picture Trailer (2005)

05 February 2005

A long time ago, a winged maiden was held prisoner in a castle - cursed never to experience love, lest she die.

Clannad: The Motion Picture Trailer (2007)

15 September 2007

Clannad is set in a high-school located in some Japanese town. Okazaki Tomoya is a third-year student who doesn't take his studies seriously.

Fancy Dance Trailer (1989)

23 December 1989

Yohei, a punk rocker, becomes a Buddhist monk in order to inherit a mountain temple. Though initially rebelling against the tough monastic discipline, he learns to adjust.

I Just Didn't Do It Trailer (2007)

20 January 2007

A young man fights for his freedom after he is accused of groping a girl on train.

Lady Maiko Trailer (2014)

13 September 2014

For as long as she can remember, Haruko has wanted to be a geisha. Eager to start her career, she approaches a teahouse in one of Kyoto’s famous geisha districts to become an apprentice geisha, or maiko—only to be rejected due to her lack of references, country bumpkin dialect and uncultivated demeanor.

The Terminal Trust Trailer (2012)

27 October 2012

Shinzo Egi is an asthma sufferer who does not want to be place on life support. As a last request, Shinzo Egi asks his doctor Ayano Orii if she could follow his wish.

Sumo Do, Sumo Don't Trailer (1992)

15 January 1992

A college senior, Shuhei, is blackmailed by a professor into joining the school's sumo team. He is aided by a group of misfits who must team together to defeat their rivals or face disgrace and the disbandment of the sumo club.

Battle League Horumo Trailer (2009)

25 September 2009

The story is about a group of university students who inevitably gets involved in playing a game of "Horumo" - a combat match where each person manipulates 100 spirits (referred to as "oni") to fight the opponent.

Mourning Recipe Trailer (2013)

09 November 2013

A widower and his daughter deal with the death of the man's wife.

Tokyo Marigold Trailer (2001)

12 May 2001

Eriko – lonely, aimless and self-absorbed – falls for Tamura. Despite knowing that he is waiting for his girlfriend to return from overseas, she requests to enter into a relationship with him for just one year.

Kaasan Mom's Life Trailer (2011)

05 February 2011

Rieko Saibara is a cartoonist and mother of a 6-year-old boy and 4-year-old girl. When she has a difficult time, she throws away her problems with laughter.

Desperate Sunflowers Trailer (2016)

25 June 2016

Natsuko Kotani was born to be a swindler. Meanwhile, Tetsuko Ishida is Natsuko’s distant relative. Unlike Natsuko, Tetsuko is an attorney with an upright disposition.

The Tomb & the Divorce Trailer (1993)

31 July 1993

Yoshinori, sells plots of land in a cemetary, and is involved in a stale 10 year old marriage withbored housewife, Atsuko.

Fireworks, Ferris Wheels and Love Trailer (1997)

15 February 1997

Morihara was left a widower 8 years ago when his wife passed away. He attends his first mixer party under the guidance of his daughter.