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Yuen Qiu (Chinese: 元秋) (born Cheung Cheun-Nam, 1948) is a Chinese actress and martial artist. She is an expert of bothChinese martial arts and Beijing-opera skills, and was apprenticed under the same master, Yu Jim-yuen, as Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung Kam-Bo at the Peking Opera School. Yuen Qiu worked as a stuntwoman and as a night club performer from the late 1960s to early 1970s. She had a small role in the international production, The Man with the Golden Gun (1974), portraying a student rescuing Roger Moore as James Bond. As there were few opportunities for stuntwomen and barely any prospects for improvement at the time, she got married in 1974 at the age of 24. After being away from the Hong Kong film industry for nearly 20 years, she landed a role in Kung Fu Hustle only by chance. She was only accompanying a junior woman fellow of the China Drama Academy at the audition but the director's eye was on her. Reports show that Stephen Chow gave her the job after unremitting and persistent persuasion. Yuen is also in a movie called Kung Fu Mahjong, with Yuen Wah.

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Kung Fu Hustle Trailer (2004)

10 February 2004

Set in Canton, China in the 1940s, the story revolves in a town ruled by the Axe Gang, Sing who desperately wants to become a member.

My Beloved Bodyguard Trailer (2016)

01 April 2016

A retired bodyguard who has settled into a corner of the world where China, Russia and North Korea meet as he suffers from early dementia finds a new friend in a young girl.

Looking for Jackie Trailer (2009)

03 July 2009

Jackie Chan is the undefeated Kung Fu Master who dishes out the action in traditional Jackie Chan style.

From Vegas To Macau III Trailer (2016)

06 February 2016

A gambler is targeted for murder during the wedding of his daughter to his protege.

Disciples of the 36th Chamber Trailer (1985)

17 May 1985

Fong Sai Yuk's uninhibited arrogance toward a Manchu lord forces him to seek refuge in a Shaolin temple.

The Heroine Trailer (1973)

26 April 1973

Incriminating evidence against a gang is left in a cab when a gang member dies in it. The gang chases the innocent cab driver, who receives help from the dead gangster's sister - a tough police woman.

Wild City Trailer (2015)

25 July 2015

Former cop-turned-bar owner Kwok and his underachieving half-brother befriends a drunken woman, they soon find themselves targeted by both her former lover, a high-powered attorney, and the gangster he employs.

The Bastard Swordsman Trailer (1983)

14 September 1983

Yun Fei Yang is the viciously bullied orphan who takes on the unpleasant tasks at a formidable kung-fu school.

Kung Fu Mahjong 2 Trailer (2005)

01 November 2005

Fanny is a skilled mahjong player and young housewife, who's usually forbidden from her tile-clicking addiction by husband Johnny.

Tales From The Dark 1 Trailer (2013)

11 July 2013

In the first of a two-part film project, three short stories from acclaimed Hong Kong horror writer Lilian Lee are adapted for the big screen in this horror anthology.

Kung Fu Mahjong 3: The Final Duel Trailer (2007)

11 January 2007

In the wake of his father's heart attack, Ken must battle his father's mistress -- who persuaded her lover to transfer the grand master title to her in the event of his death -- for the rightful claim to the family fortune in a riveting game of mah-jong.

Just Another Pandora's Box Trailer (2010)

18 March 2010

Qing Ye Se only knows how to be a thief, but he runs into major trouble when he accidentally steals the heart of Rose, an immortal fairy.

Not Scared to Die Trailer (1973)

12 January 1973

Historical movie set during the Japanese occupation of China during WWII. Jackie Chan is one of the good guys but has nothing much more than a supporting role.

Long Road to Gallantry Trailer (1984)

29 November 1984

Newly crowned queen of kung-fu films Hui Ying-hung, stars in Long Road To Gallantry, a rivetting swordswoman spectacle.

Crazy Shaolin Disciples Trailer (1985)

30 March 1985

Following a raid led by a deadly Manchu enforcer (Lo Lieh), rebels Hong Si Kuan (Lo Meng), Fong Sai Yuk (Wong Yu) and Hu Huei Chian (Chin Siu Ho) seek refuge at the Shaolin Temple.

Dragon, the Young Master Trailer (1981)

04 April 1981

Set in 1920's Manchuria, Kao-Yin sells information on the mining operation to the Japanese and is rewarded with a large quantity of valuable jewellery.

Kung Fu Mahjong Trailer (2005)

03 June 2005

Chi Mo Sai (Yuen Wah) meets Wong (Roger Kwok) in Auntie Fei's (Yuen Qiu) cafe and learns that Wong has photographic memory.

The Luckiest Man Trailer (2008)

29 May 2008

Mr. Ho, "King of Gambling", got rich by gambling and is the leader of the Hong Kong Mahjong industry in the 1950's.

Dragon Lee Vs. The 5 Brothers Trailer (1978)

09 June 1978

Dragon Lee takes on five warriors who were sent by the emperor to discover who's behind the rebels plotting his downfall.

Dreadnaught Trailer (1981)

26 March 1981

A short-tempered, violent criminal named "White Tiger" is on the run from the police and joins a theater troupe for disguise, killing anyone who angers him or who suspects his identity.

Dragon's Claws Trailer (1979)

01 January 1979

A "Dragon Claw" master returns from Manchuria where he became a traitor to China. He's after the coveted Dragon Claw Golden Tablet that will force people to bow down to him.

I'll Call You Trailer (2006)

23 March 2006

Man works as a clerk in a shipping company. His life is truly non-eventful and dull, until he meets the beautiful but highly arrogant Karen.

New Tales Of The Flying Fox Trailer (1984)

07 April 1984

In the great tradition of Hsu Tseng Hung's The Silver Fox and Chang cheh's Lengend of the Fox comes this exciting adventure, where the only thing between all the clan leaders and certain death is one young woman.

Imprisoned: Survival Guide for Rich and Prodigal Trailer (2015)

28 May 2015

This is a story in jail. A story about learning a "new life”…

Kung Fu Wing Chun Trailer (2010)

12 October 2010

Losing her mother at a tender age, Yim Wing Chun (Bai Jing) grew up under the wing of Master Ng Mui (Kara Hui), a fugitive in the end of the Qing dynasty.

The Dragon's Snake Fist Trailer (1982)

01 January 1982

In central China, the Dragon Fist and the Jeet-Kune are two competing martial arts schools. When Dragon Fist master, Ho Cho, breaks his leg in a competition between the schools, he vows revenge.

Black Dragon's Revenge Trailer (1975)

06 November 1975

Three rival gangs embark on a search for Bruce Lee's handwritten "finger fighting " manual.

Delete My Love Trailer (2014)

08 May 2014

So Boring, a nobody who has no love from everyone except from childhood sweetheart Bobo, receives a weird text message one day, saying: Ever thought of deleting those you dislike?

I Love Wing Chun Trailer (2011)

28 July 2011

A martial arts comedy about 3 good friends - a wealthy businessman, a kung fu master n a swindler. The swindler on the verge of dying, begs kung fu master to take care and protect his son, the wealthy businessman to support his son financially.

The Lady Iron Chef Trailer (2007)

08 March 2007

When the heir to a lucrative restaurant empire falls for a simple girl who can only cook instant nooy

My Kung Fu Sweetheart Trailer (2006)

09 February 2006

A young woman keeps her true persona a secret in this martial arts action-romance written and directg

Desires of the Heart Trailer (2008)

20 November 2008

Follows urban youngsters in their pursuit of true love and all the set backs and comedic mishaps along the way.

Lucky Star 2015 Trailer (2015)

19 February 2015

Eric Tsang and Wong Cho Lam lead a huge cast of Hong Kong comedy stars to celebrate the Year of the Goat with Lucky Star 2015! Wen Chao (Mr.

Kung Fu Hustle Trailer (2004)

10 February 2004

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