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Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky Trailer (1991)

05 October 1991

Hard man Ricky is incarcerated in a futuristic prison where ultra-violence is his only means of survival in the corrupt, sadistic system.

Legendary Amazons Trailer (2011)

18 November 2011

The film is set in early 11th century China during the reign of Emperor Renzong of the Song Dynasty. The emperor neglects state affairs and indulges in personal pleasures, while the government sinks into corruption and war continues to rage on at the borders of the Song Dynasty.

Project S Trailer (1993)

21 October 1993

As a crime wave sweeps through Hong Kong, the police call Jessica Yang (Yeoh), a rising star in the ranks, to help stop a notorious gang of thieves!

Millionaires Express Trailer (1986)

30 January 1986

What happens when a glamorous express, with high government officials, wealthy merchants, concubines and a gang of brigands on board, speeds towards the small town of Hanshui, where escaping bank robbers, corrupt officials, and gamblers await? Well, let's just say the Titanic had a smoother maiden voyage.

Devil Cat Trailer (1991)

01 January 1991

A supernatural actioner featuring Yukari Oshima as a half-human, half-feline shapeshifter whose ancient rivalry with her half-human half-dog nemesis continues into modern-day Hong Kong.

Choudenshi Bioman: The Movie Trailer (1984)

14 July 1984

Bioman must rescue two boys who possess an ancient treasure map that leads to Biobase, making them targeted by Gear.

Ultracop 2000 Trailer (1992)

01 January 1992

In the distant year of 2000,two (count them) alien dudes from Mars "arouse panic" on the futuristic streets of Manila.

The Outlaw Brothers Trailer (1990)

27 January 1990

Follows the exploits of two car thieves, and the female police officer who is on their trail.

Devil's Love Trailer (1992)

02 January 1992

Three Mainland cops -Wu Ma and two assistants – come to HK to look for some crooks who are illegally procuring women for brothels from the Mainland.

1/3 Lover Trailer (1993)

01 January 1993

Everyone seems to be chasing Mona Hsia-Hwang. The opening scene has her being pursued a cornered by a cop, who molests her with his pistol.

Gambling Ghost Are Ready Trailer (1992)

03 January 1992

The ghost of a gambling master (Wu Ma) returns to earth to help his granddaughter (Yuraki Oshima) to win the annual competition organized by the gambling master of the current year who is the killer of her parents and grandfather.

Dreaming the Reality Trailer (1991)

01 January 1991

MOON LEE and YUKARI OSHIMA have been trained as assassins by their adoptive father FOK. The pre-credits sequence details their training at a very early age, and clearly differentiates the personalities of the two girls/women; the vicious nature of their foster brother and the ruthlessness of their mentor FOK.

7 Lucky Ninja Kids Trailer (1987)

15 August 1987

A gang of local hoods are after this diamond and will stop at nothing to get their hands on this prized possession.

The Avenging Quartet Trailer (1992)

14 October 1992

A female Chinese cop teams up with a lady kung-fu master to stop two female Japanese gangsters from stealing a valuable painting.

Burning Ambition Trailer (1989)

13 April 1989

This is director/martial arts star Frankie Chan's unofficial remake of the Kinji Fukasaku film SHOGUN'S SAMURAI (1978).

Top Fighter 2: Deadly China Dolls Trailer (1996)

10 September 1996

The sequel of "Top Fighter" focuses in the importance of the women in the martial-arts movies, from her first characters as "hero's girl" until becoming superstars by themselves.

Funny Family Trailer (1986)

30 October 1986

The history begins in a small small village. The son lives with the father, and the daughter with mother, their parents constantly are at enmity and clash, bringing the matter to fights.

The Direct Line Trailer (1992)

11 November 1992

Yukari Oshima plays a detective who is kidnapped and held hostage by a team of Mainland agents led by Waise Lee.

A Punch to Revenge Trailer (1989)

30 September 1989

A crippled man with an invalid son, is so greedy that he forces his wife into prostitution. Then, he makes a deal with a crime boss to pull a big heist and invites his friends from China to help.

Iron Angels Trailer (1987)

10 March 1987

Yeung’s poppy fields are torched by a law enforcement task force, she retaliates by ordering police officials assassinated.

Kung Fu Wonder Child Trailer (1986)

01 January 1986

A fantasy kung fu reminiscent of Tsui Harks Zu. The heroine must fight with hopping vampires and scary skeletons in between a bunch of crazy toilet humor.

Deadly Target Trailer (1994)

01 January 1994

Two Hong Kong cops on leave in Manila take on a group of arms dealers.

Meng xing xue wei ting Trailer (1993)

01 January 1993

Fatal Chase Trailer (1992)

01 January 1992

Tung/Torres, a vicious Filipino-Chinese drug dealer in Hong Kong, is caught by Chief Inspector Leung.

Tapang Sa Tapang Trailer (1997)

01 January 1997

A Filipino action film directed by Francis Posadas.

Spiritually a Cop Trailer (1991)

16 November 1991

Comedy about a sexist idiot who wants to enlist in the Hong Kong police but is too short, so he goes around on his own pretending to be a cop and busting criminals.

Lethal Panther 2 Trailer (1993)

01 October 1993

An Interpol agent and a Chinese cop team up to track down a murderous gangster.

Mission of Justice Trailer (1992)

03 January 1992

After opening with gratuitous soft-core intercourse, followed by the killing of the heads of a criminal gang seeking control of Thailand’s drug trade, things get a little better.

Honor and Glory Trailer (1993)

28 April 1993

FBI agent Tracy Pride is on a mission to capture businessman Jason Slade, who is involved in extortion and murder.

Once Upon A Time In Manila Trailer (1994)

01 January 1994

Vic Sotto plays a barangay tanod who always seems to have a knack for saving the local folks from dangerous situations, just in the nick of time.

A Serious Shock! Yes Madam! Trailer (1993)

23 September 1993

Though policewoman Hsie Wan-chin (Cynthia Yang Li-ching) is merrily planning for her wedding with fellow cop Wilson Tsiang (Lawrence Ng Kai-wah), he is having an illicit affair with her best friend, May (Moon Lee).

Vengeance is Mine Trailer (1997)

01 January 1997

A newly married bride's blissful life is suddenly shattered when her home is invaded by a group of thieves who murder her husband and take turns sexually assaulting her.

Drugs Fighters Trailer (1995)

31 January 1995

Yukari Oshima plays a traffic cop who gets promoted to the drug task force and faces Yuen Wah's syndicate.

Lethal Combat: Techno Warriors 2 Trailer (1999)

16 June 1999

It is the year 2008, computer generated deadly assassins roam the Earth when a digital warrior program is sabotaged.

Ghost's Love Trailer (1993)

02 January 1993

A young woman, Sin Yun, dates Wu Tian - a gangster. He drugs her and has intercourse, then turns her over to his gang.

Guardian Angel Trailer (1994)

07 January 1994

Rosa, Candy, and Lisa are Interpol officers trained to stage an offensive war against international drug smugglers.

Devil Girl 18 Trailer (1993)

01 January 1993

Demons escape from hell on a mission to devour the essence of 49 individuals of extreme masculinity or femininity.

Angel Mission Trailer (1990)

01 January 1990

Yukari Oshima plays an undercover cop from Japan trying to find some girls who have mysteriously disappeared in Hong Kong.

Close Escape Trailer (1988)

18 May 1988

Knowing that he's dying from cancer, Lam feels a responsibility to come up with sufficient funds quickly so that his younger brother Wai-leong (played by Max Mok) can complete medical school.

Angel of Vengeance Trailer (1993)

01 January 1993

In the vein of HARD BOILED and NAKED KILLER comes this action-crime thriller in which two young women caught in a power struggle among a trio of mobsters must struggle to survive in a world run by vice and corruption.

Final Run Trailer (1989)

10 April 1989

This is Midnight Angel without the female caped-crusaders. Once again, Yukari Oshima steals the show as she seeks revenge against the drug overlord who killed her fiancee.

A Book of Heroes Trailer (1987)

01 January 1987

In one of her first film appearances Yukari plays an undercover Japanese criminal police officer investigating the gang led by Yamashita (Yasuaki Kurata).

Kickboxer's Tears Trailer (1992)

01 January 1992

A kickboxer is killed in the ring by a dirty opponent who works for a syndicate. The sister of the dead kickboxer vows revenge by facing off against both the dirty kickboxer and the crime syndicate.

The Big Deal Trailer (1992)

01 January 1992

The "Saint" is a secret group comprised of a martial arts master and his two oddball daughters. They were brought to this earth to uphold justice by robbing from the rich and giving to the poor.

Godfather’s Daughter Trailer (1991)

31 October 1991

Two friends get into trouble with the triads and having to fight their way out.

Angel Terminators 2 Trailer (1993)

27 January 1993

Bullet, a female triad member, is recently released from prison. Bullet hooks up with her old gang rather quickly, although she is being closely watched by her policeman father and his gritty female partner Big Aunt .

Hard To Kill Trailer (1992)

01 January 1992

INTERPOL CONNECTION (aka HARD TO KILL) centers on two Hong Kong cops who settle their differences toward one another while struggling to focus on their mission.

Beauty Investigator Trailer (1992)

01 October 1992

A serial killer is loose in Hong Kong, murdering hostesses from high class night clubs. As punishment for their flaky style and lack of discipline, two young policewomen are assigned to work undercover as hostesses to catch the sadist.

Lover's Tear Trailer (1992)

01 January 1992

A cop in the Hong Kong anti-smuggling unit goes to mainland China to retrieve some confiscated contraband.

Lucky Seven 2 Trailer (1989)

22 July 1989

7 kid ninjas try to return a diamond to its rightful owner. But while trying to return the diamond, the ninjas become crossed up with an Asian mob.

Brave Young Girls Trailer (1990)

21 September 1990

A Chinese girl goes illegally to Hong Kong to look for work and ends up as a prostitute. A Japanese female cop teams up with her to fight the bad guys.

The Best of the Martial Arts Films Trailer (1990)

01 January 1990

The most explosive barehanded combat sequences ever filmed. An electrifying video of martial arts mastery and mayhem.