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Faust Trailer (2011)

08 September 2011

Faust is a 2011 Russian film directed by Alexander Sokurov. Set in the 19th century, it is a free interpretation of the Faust legend and its literary adaptations by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Thomas Mann.

The Horde Trailer (2012)

20 September 2012

It is the word "horde" that had meant, for many countries and nations, bloody raids and being under humilating contribution for centuries - a strange and scary world with its own rules and customs.

Mournful Unconcern Trailer (1987)

01 February 1987

The action in this lavishly produced film takes place at an oddly ark-shaped mansion during World War I, and in spirit (although not in story) it reflects the play which inspired it, the ferociously antiwar Heartbreak House by George Bernard Shaw.

Moloch Trailer (1999)

14 May 1999

In 1942, in Bavaria, Eva Braun is alone, when Adolf Hitler arrives with Dr. Josef Goebbels and his wife Magda Goebbels and Martin Bormann to spend a couple of days without talking politics.

The Monk and the Demon Trailer (2016)

08 September 2016

Fantastic story of the first half of the XIX century about a monk named Ivan who must fight the dark forces in his monastery.

A Room and a Half Trailer (2009)

23 January 2009

A semi-fictional account of Russian poets Josef Brodsky, who was forced into American exile in 1972.

Days of Eclipse Trailer (1988)

01 January 1988

This bleak late soviet-era drama follows the career of Malyanov, a young medical school graduate who has been sent to work in Turkmenia.

Orleans Trailer (2015)

17 September 2015

Orléans is a typical provincial Russian town on the banks of a salt lake called Yarovoye. The town is 'steeped in evil'.

Mirrors Trailer (2014)

24 April 2014

The film is based on the life of Marina Tsvetaeva, one of the most tragic and greatest poets of the 20th century.

The Cage Trailer (2015)

17 September 2015

They don't really know each other. She lives in penury. He holds a pawnshop. Poverty makes her marry him, despite she doesn't love him and even despises.

Mister Designer Trailer (1988)

01 December 1988

A famous artist strives to find the secret of eternal life through the beautiful mannequins he creates.

The Sun Trailer (2005)

17 February 2005

The Sun (Russian: Сóлнце, Solntse) is a 2005 Russian biographical film depicting Japanese Emperor Shōwa (Hirohito) during the final days of World War II.

Taurus Trailer (2001)

01 January 2001

The film is set inside a russian mansion and begins with morning procedures for one of 1900s most controversial politicians, Lenin.

Stone Trailer (1992)

13 September 1992

Via the New York Times: "...a severely obscure meditation on pre-revolutionary Russia in the form of an encounter between a ghost from the past and the ghost's present-day guardian.