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Yuya Matsushita is a Japanese singer and actor. He was a solo singer from 2008 til 2014, in 2015 he created and debuted as a member of music group X4. He's known internationally for playing Sebastian Michaelis in the Black Butler musicals on-stage.

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Time Traveller: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Trailer (2010)

13 March 2010

Akari Yoshiyama is graduating high school soon and is expected to lead new life after she passes the university entrance exam, while her mother is working as a pharmacologist.

Kuroshitsuji: The Most Beautiful DEATH in The World Trailer (2014)

18 January 2014

England, the 19th Century. The almighty butler Sebastian of the Phantomhive House: the "evil nobles" that are contracted to perform Queen Victoria's "underground" work.

Akegarasu Trailer (2015)

16 May 2015

Naoki works as a not so popular host at the host club Akegarasu in Shinagawa, Tokyo. His repayment day is coming soon and he has prepared 10 million yen to pay off his debt.

Light Ahead Trailer (2010)

23 October 2010

Kii, a young woman who isn't good at studying or sports, finds her passion in life through amateur photography.

Sad Boyfriend Trailer (2009)

21 February 2009

37 year old sales manager Iwatsu is so caught up in work, he's unable to truly live his life. One night while looking at his graduation album on his phone, he receives a sudden call from a girl named Kana.