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Yves Jacques est un acteur québécois, né le 10 mai 1956 à Québec (Canada). Il joue depuis 2001 en tournée mondiale deux spectacles de Robert Lepage, La face cachée de la lune et Le Projet Andersen, dont il interprète seul les personnages. En 2014, il élargit sa palette au théâtre avec le rôle de Dubois dans Les Fausses Confidences de Marivaux en compagnie d'Isabelle Huppert qui joue Araminte.

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The Aviator Trailer (2004)

17 December 2004

Martin Scorsese’s Oscar-winning biopic about the life of filmmaker and aviation pioneer Howard Hughes from 1927 to 1947, during which time he became a successful film producer and an aviation magnate, while simultaneously growing more unstable due to severe obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Grace of Monaco Trailer (2014)

14 May 2014

The story of former Hollywood star Grace Kelly's crisis of marriage and identity, during a political dispute between Monaco's Prince Rainier III and France's Charles De Gaulle, and a looming French invasion of Monaco in the early 1960s.

The Barbarian Invasions Trailer (2003)

21 May 2003

In this belated sequel to 'The Decline of the American Empire', 50-something Montreal college professor, Remy, learns that he is dying of liver cancer.

The Decline of the American Empire Trailer (1986)

19 June 1986

Four very different Montreal university teachers gather at a rambling country house to prepare a dinner.

Thérèse Trailer (2012)

27 May 2012

The unhappily married woman struggles to break free from social pressures and her boring suburban setting.

La Chance de ma vie Trailer (2011)

05 January 2011

Julien Monnier has a serious problem. Though he's a brilliant couples counselor, he can't keep a woman in his life for more than two weeks.

Laurence Anyways Trailer (2012)

18 May 2012

Set in the 1980s and 1990s, a man tries to salvage his relationship with his fiancée after revealing to her his aspirations of becoming a woman.

An Eye for Beauty Trailer (2014)

15 May 2014

An architect and his wife see their relationship challenged.

The Widow of Saint-Pierre Trailer (2000)

01 January 2000

In 1850, on the isolated French island of Saint-Pierre, a murder shocks the natives. Two fishermen are arrested.

A Secret Trailer (2007)

03 October 2007

In 1953, a sensitive French boy finds out from a neighbor that his family's Jewish. François Grimbert becomes a physician, and gradually peels the layers of his buried family history which resulted in his difficult upbringing, raised as Catholic by his "Aryan" appearing parents.

Aurore Trailer (2005)

08 July 2005

After the sudden death of her mother, Aurore Gagnon is abused by her disturbed step-mother as her town remains in the silence followed by her death.

Je préfère qu'on reste amis Trailer (2005)

23 February 2005

Claude Mendelbaum est un informaticien trentenaire, célibataire, timide, hypocondriaque et transparent.

Little Lili Trailer (2003)

27 August 2003

This film, loosely inspired by Anton Chekov's The Seagull, weaves a story about sex, family and the business of making films.

Jesus of Montreal Trailer (1989)

17 May 1989

A group of actors putting on an interpretive Passion Play in Montreal begin to experience a meshing of their characters and their private lives as the production takes form against the growing opposition of the Catholic church.

The False Secrets Trailer (2017)

13 April 2017

Dorante, an impoverished young man, is taken on as a secretary by Araminte, a rich widow with whom he is secretly in love.

Ding et Dong : Le film Trailer (1990)

07 December 1990

Two harum-scarums who think they are good stand-up comics try to make a career in showbiz, partly for the career, partly to seduce women.

Le Collectionneur Trailer (2002)

22 February 2002

Une policière, Maud Graham, suit un tueur en série qui agresse des femmes. En même temps, elle héberge un jeune prostitué et un fugueur de 12 ans.

Twice Upon a Time Trailer (2006)

08 November 2006

Boundaries Trailer (2016)

18 November 2016

Emily Price tries to balance family life and leading crunch negotiations between a Canadian politician and the president of a country whose natural resources are being exploited.

48 Hours a Day Trailer (2008)

04 June 2008

A young professional woman takes radical action to force her husband's help with the household chores.

Darling Trap Trailer (2014)

22 January 2014

Clémence is pathologically jealous. Gabriel has asked her to marry him. To test whether he is faithful, unbeknownst to him she arranges that he crosses paths with beautiful Olivia.

See How They Dance Trailer (2011)

03 August 2011

A French video artist traverses Canada on a train that takes her from the east to the west through the snow.

French Immersion Trailer (2011)

07 October 2011

Four Anglo-Canadians and a New Yorker find themselves in a two-week long total French immersion program in the fictional, remote town of St-Isidore-du-Coeur-de-Jésus, tucked away somewhere in Northern Quebec.

Maurice Trailer (2015)

13 March 2015

Everything would be fine. Maurice had made up his mind. He had made a list: pick a date, announce his retirement, sell the car, see old friends, and empty the garage.

Séraphin: Heart of Stone Trailer (2002)

01 December 2002

Séraphin unfolds against the severe and achingly beautiful landscape of rural Quebec in 1889, where young lovers are torn from each other when a bankrupt shopkeeper forces his daughter into an arranged marriage to save his business.

Louis 19, le roi des ondes Trailer (1994)

26 May 1994

Be careful what you wish for...it just may come true. This is the underlying theme of this French-Canadian comedy drama that follows the travails of a TV addict who wins a talent contest and finds himself the subject of an embarrassingly revealing television series.

La danse de l'albatros Trailer (2012)

12 June 2012

Life after love Trailer (2000)

07 July 2000

The Class Trip Trailer (1998)

23 September 1998

A schoolboy Nicholas always worries about something. When he goes on a school skiing trip, all his visions and nightmares take him over.

Nuit de noces Trailer (2001)

01 June 2001

Florence and Nicolas live happily together. Until the sister of Nicolas them points to a contest you get to win the first prize, a wedding with all expenses paid in Niagara Falls.

The Last Escape Trailer (2010)

26 February 2010

Christmas approaches and the Lévesque family has once again gathered for their traditional celebration.

La Chambre des magiciennes Trailer (2000)

26 May 2000

Cabotins Trailer (2010)

16 November 2010

Souvenirs intimes Trailer (1999)

24 March 1999

In this French Canadian drama, the life of a paraplegic painter implodes when an old girlfriend comes back into his life and accuses him of raping her 15 years earlier.

Betty Fisher and Other Stories Trailer (2001)

01 September 2001

Grieving after the death of her young son Joseph, novelist Betty Fisher enters a dark depression. Hoping to bring her out of it, her mother Margot arranges to kidnap another child, Jose, to replace the son Betty lost.

Montréal Vu Par... Trailer (1992)

26 May 1992

Six stories about Montreal. 1: A young housewife from Toronto samples the nightlife using basic French.

Ordo Trailer (2004)

15 September 2004

De père en flic 2 Trailer (2017)

14 July 2017