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The Ax Trailer (2005)

02 March 2005

A chemist loses his job to outsourcing. Two years later and still jobless, he hits on a solution: to genuinely eliminate his competition.

Every Jack has a Jill Trailer (2009)

29 July 2009

Jack is encouraged to take the romantic Paris vacation he won, despite just being dumped by his girlfriend.

Les meilleurs amis du monde Trailer (2010)

09 June 2010

Un week-end au vert avec vos meilleurs amis.Ceux qui vous aiment vraiment.Ceux en qui vous avez une confiance absolue.

See How They Fall Trailer (1994)

31 August 1994

Simon is a sales representative about fifty. When Mickey, his cop friend, is being shot, he leaves everything to find the murderers.

Twice Upon a Time Trailer (2006)

08 November 2006

Lagardère Trailer (2003)

13 January 2003

Le sourire du clown Trailer (1999)

21 July 1999

A clown from Romania (Ticky Holgado) has more than amusing tricks for children on his mind -- he has in his possession a computer disc with information wanted by the police, several organized crime figures and the European Agency for Atomic Energy.

Jusqu'à l'enfer Trailer (2009)

04 December 2009

La Rupture Trailer (2013)

26 November 2013

Jeanne Poisson Marquise de Pompadour Trailer (2006)

16 October 2006

Le tronc Trailer (1993)

08 September 1993

A Child's Secret Trailer (2006)

17 November 2006

Set in 18th century, a 10 year old deaf boy has been abandoned by his mother, Comtesse de Solar, and is taken care by Abbé de l'Épée, who teaches him how to comunicate and express.

Doors of Glory Trailer (2001)

13 June 2001