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My Dear Kuttichathan Trailer (1984)

24 August 1984

The character 'Kuttichathan' is formed on the basis of the specialties of a deity popularly known as 'Chathan' who is being worshiped mainly in the south Indian state, Kerala.

Sakshal Sreeman Chathunni Trailer (1993)

29 March 1993

Unnikrishnan and his family is chased from his home after his father's death. He accidentally meets a genie who helps Unni get back everything he lost.

Uppukandam Brothers Trailer (1993)

16 May 1993

Two prominent families & business rivals, the Uppukandam brothers, Kariachan (Captain Raju), Paulachan (Keerikkadan Jose), Xavichan (Babu Antony), Josekutty (Jagadish) & Thankachan (Baiju), & the Ettuveettil Pillais, headed by Ananthan Pillai (Rajan P.

Ellarum Chollanu Trailer (1992)

17 August 1992

Ramachandran comes back to his village from Dubai and pretends to be a rich businessman. He is, in fact, the victim of a visa fraud, but tries to turn his fortunes around.

Kottayam Kunjachan Trailer (1990)

14 March 1990

Kottayam Kunjachan is about an erstwhile thug, who has just been released from jail. He has served a sentence of 7 years, for killing a man in a fight gone bad.

Kudumbakodathi Trailer (1996)

02 August 1996

Raman Nair (Innocent) is a miserly business man who is overbearing on his sons, Rameshan (Dileep) and Ramanan (Ashokan).

First Bell Trailer (1992)

20 April 1992

Jayaram acts as a mental patient to help out a girl in distress. Plans go awry when the doctors treat him like a real patient.

Ootty Pattanam Trailer (1992)

04 March 1992

Prince Rajasekharan is without an heir and decides to adopt a brave man from a royal family to inherit his property.

Punnaram Trailer (1995)

28 April 1995

A comedy movie, telling the story of an auto-driver couple by Sasi Shankar.

Mimics Parade Trailer (1991)

17 September 1991

A group of Mimicry artists gets hold of a stuffed animal filled with diamonds from an accident scene which leads to all sorts of trouble.

Ezhara Ponnana Trailer (1992)

04 June 1992

Ezhara Ponnana is a 1992 Indian Malayalam film, directed by Thulasidas and produced by Joy Thomas. The film stars Jayaram, Kanaka, Thilakan and Anju in lead roles.

Mangalam Veettil Manaseswari Gupta Trailer (1995)

22 June 1995

A grandfather who tried groom for his granddaughter Maya who return from Mumbai but he does not know that she is already married to photographer Jayadevan and having daughter and Jayadevan tried saved her from an underworld don.

Kizhakkan Pathrose Trailer (1992)

27 August 1992

Kizhakkan Pathrose (Malayalam: is a 1992 Malayalam film directed by T. S. Suresh Babuu, starring Mammootty in the title role.

Pappan Priyappetta Pappan Trailer (1986)

04 July 1986

A singer Pappan (Rahman) is killed in a bike accident, but Yamaraj the Lord of Death (Thilakan) realizes that Pappan has a few more days to live.

Hitler Brothers Trailer (1997)

08 July 1997

Hitler Brothers is a 1997 Indian Malayalam film, directed by Sandhya Mohan and produced by E Unni Krishnan.

Kallan Kappalil Thanne Trailer (1992)

16 April 1992

Appukuttan receives a letter, for a job offer for his brother who is a good kalari fighter, to do some rogue work for a swami in another town.

Kasarkode Khaderbai Trailer (1992)

15 March 1992

The film is about how Kasargod Khader Bhai (Alummoodan) and his son Kasimbhai (Babu Antony) trying to take revenge on the mimicry artists who send Khader Bhai to jail (This is shown in the prequel).

Sowbhagyam Trailer (1993)

17 February 1993

Sowbhagyam is a 1993 Indian Malayalam film, directed by Sandhya Mohan and starring Sunitha and Jagadish in lead roles.

Ezhupunna Tharakan Trailer (1999)

22 June 1999

Ezhupunna Tharakan is a 1999 Malayalam movie directed by P. G. Viswambharan. The movie features Mammootty and Namrata Shirodkar in the lead roles.

Kalyana Sowgandhikam Trailer (1996)

02 March 1996

Jayadevan pretends to be a Swami with the help of his friends to get into a household where Athira lives ; who he believes holds the key to find his missing friend.

Kavadiyattam Trailer (1993)

14 January 1993

Unni (Jayaram) is in the army, but does not wish to stay there. He feigns a mental illness to get discharged, but has to continue to put on the show in front of his family and villagers when he reaches back home.

Alancheri Thamprakkal Trailer (1995)

19 March 1995

Two brothers, Chathukutty and Chandappan, live a happy life with their families. However, problems se

Malayalamaasam Chingam Onninu... Trailer (1996)

09 November 1996

Preman is married to Rukumani and is a photographer by profession. He meets Appu's wife Renuka during a photo shoot and tries to seduce her.

Dr. Pasupathy Trailer (1990)

01 January 1990

Innocent is a conman who gets payed by a associate to trick a whole town into thinking that he is an animal doctor , Dr.

Lal Salam Trailer (1990)

30 November 1990

The story revolves around two phases of the lives of three Comrades - before and after the imprisonment of Sakhav Nettoor Stephen, Sakhav T.

Ulladakkam Trailer (1991)

04 July 1991

Reshma is a patient of psychiatrist Dr Sunny. She gets romantically obsessed with him even though this is not reciprocated by the doctor.

Aakasha Kottayile Sultan Trailer (1991)

01 January 1991

Kesavan Kutty's job is to build houses for Georgekutty, an NRI. To settle his debts, Kesavan Kutty rents out the houses.

Tom & Jerry Trailer (1996)

15 April 1996

Kuttikrishnan (Jagadish), the illicit son of businessman Ananthan Nambiar, comes to Kochi to meet his dad, but a mix-up leaves him on the streets & another young man, Balagopalan (Mukesh), in his place as Nambiar's son.

Thiruthalvaadi Trailer (1992)

28 April 1992

Vishnu is the regional manager in a travels company and he is a bachelor. His friends and relatives try to get him to be married, but Vishnu has seven conditions for his future wife, including strange ones such as knowing Carnatic music, Hindi, and Chinese and Western cooking.

Koushalam Trailer (1993)

24 January 1993

Koushalam is a 1993 Indian Malayalam film, directed by TS Mohan and starring Siddique and Urvashi in lead roles.

Mr & Mrs Trailer (1992)

16 April 1992

Two friends meet together after a long time realizing that their wives are enemies to each other.

Nagarathil Samsara Vishayam Trailer (1991)

20 April 1991

Gopinatha and his friend Samson are in a fix when they find a box containing Rs. 40 lakh in cash. They try to hide it but the owner of the cash gets to know.

Onnu Muthal Poojyam Vare Trailer (1986)

04 July 1986

Aleena, a widow, cherishes her dead husband's memories and dismisses the marriage proposals. Her four-year-old daughter gets close to a man over phone.

Customs Diary Trailer (1993)

12 February 1993

A man avenges his family's death by the mafia, and finds himself helping smugglers and fighting a corrupt customs officer.

Pandu Pandoru Rajakumari Trailer (1992)

01 January 1992

After the death of her mother and husband, Devu is taken care of by her father-in-law. However, her life takes a turn when she meets Appukuttan, a childhood friend.

Chanakyan Trailer (1989)

01 January 1989

Madhava Menon, a corrupt politician, destroys the family of Johnson as he was in love with his daughter.

Ikkareyanente Manasam Trailer (1997)

30 August 1997

The story Kuttiraman, a tailor who returns from Middle East to marry his longtime love Sumathi.

Athirathan Trailer (1991)

27 September 1991

Sethu (Suresh Gopi) and Chandru (Vijayaraghavan) are friends and neighbours. Unknown to each other; they end up working as point men for 2 rival gangs.

Poochakkaru Mani Kettum Trailer (1992)

11 March 1992

Poochakkaru Mani Kettum is a comedy movie about Kochukrishnan who is wooed by three girls. But Kochukrishnan has other plans about his future.

Ponnaramthottathe Raajaavu Trailer (1992)

25 December 1992

Ponnaramthottathe Raajaavu is a 1992 Indian Malayalam film, directed by P Anil, Babu Narayanan, starring Jagadish and Urvashi in the lead roles.

Aayiram Naavulla Ananthan Trailer (1996)

13 May 1996

Dr. Nandakumar and Anantha Padmanabhan are doctors who lived with Ananthan's mother after the death of their father and Nandu's mother.

Manikya Chempazhukka Trailer (1995)

16 April 1995

Ashokan lives at home with his sisters and their jobless husbands. Struggling to meet ends meet, Ashokan comes to know about his uncle's vast inheritance for him as long as Ashokan marries his uncle's daughter.

Sundari Neeyum Sundaran Njanum Trailer (1995)

15 July 1995

Millionaire Achuthan Nair (Thilakan) of the Manikyamangalam family, shocks his greedy relatives waiting for his demise, when he reveals that he has an illicit daughter, Shoba, from an old affair.

Mimics Super 1000 Trailer (1996)

23 April 1996

A hotel owner gets in trouble and is forced to close his business. He decides to start a comedy group with his friends.

Welcome to Kodaikanal Trailer (1992)

28 May 1992

Welcome to Kodaikanal is a 1992 Malayalam movie written by Kaloor Dennis and directed by Anil Babu. The movie features Jagadish, Anusha, Siddique and Saikumar in the lead roles.

Mimics Action 500 Trailer (1995)

03 November 1995

The story of a family of comedians who start a Comedy Group.

Bhaagyavaan Trailer (1994)

01 May 1994

Sreenivasan gets a horoscope reading that he will be a big good luck charm . The only problem is the reading also says that he will be lucky to everyone else and wont be able to captilize on it benefit himself.

Innathe Program Trailer (1991)

12 January 1991

Unnikrishnan(Mukesh) and Indumathi get married but don't tell their parents which leads to hilarious situations when their parents from each side decide to visit.

Maanthrika Cheppu Trailer (1992)

15 November 1992

Jagadish and his friend Siddique start a video store together. While taping a political function , they accidentally record a criminal , who denotes a remote bomb moments later.

Boxer Trailer (1995)

15 May 1995

Jimmy Cherian (Babu Antony), a professional boxer, is asked to lose a match so that his competitor Mukherjee Dayal (Nick Mather), a courier for a smuggling ring, could win & go abroad carrying drugs on him.

Appu Trailer (1990)

04 July 1990

Appu is a 1990 Malayalam film directed by Dennis Joseph. The film stars Mohanlal, Sunitha, K R Vijaya and Murali in lead roles.

Excuse Me Ethu Collegila? Trailer (1996)

31 March 1996

Anathan and Appukuttan are two young friends who come to the city to chase their dreams. They go through a lot of difficulties and venture into the real estate field while also meeting a girl, both of which change their lives.

Achan Raajavu Appan Jethavu Trailer (1995)

27 March 1995

Friends Avarachan and Madhavan Thambi are unaware that their babies were exchanged at birth. Later, when the truth is revealed, their long-standing relationship seems to fall apart.

Dollar Trailer (1993)

31 December 1993

The movie depicts the life of Malayali families settled in the US. It discusses the clash of the cultures.