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The Farewell Party Trailer (2014)

29 August 2014

A group of friends at a Jerusalem retirement home build a machine for self-euthanasia in order to help their terminally ill friend.

Festival At The Poolroom Trailer (1975)

05 January 1975

The story is about two twin brothers, Azriel and Gavriel. Azriel is a shy, religious Jew who works in a fruit shop in Jaffa.

The Quest Trailer (1996)

19 April 1996

Ghang-gheng, the ancient winner-take-all competition in which the deadliest fighters from around the world employ the most spectacular feats of martial arts skills ever displayed in order to win the prized Golden Dragon.

Only Today Trailer (1976)

06 June 1976

The vegetables seller from the market falls in love with the university student.

Mr. Leon Trailer (1982)

06 June 1982

In a rendition of a father-daughter conflict based on misunderstandings, this melodrama focuses on Annette (Nurit Cohen) who has left home for the city where she is unexpectedly offered a leading role in a movie.

The Last Patrol Trailer (2001)

21 August 2001

After a massive earthquake destroys Los Angeles, a new order is formed. But disagreement among the ranks leads to more war and disruption, and The Last Patrol must bring order if there's to be any hope for the future.

Honor Trailer (2010)

03 May 2010

Two Israeli criminal families with Moroccan roots suffer the tragedies of their respective lives.

Batito Is Unemployed Trailer (1987)

01 January 1987

An unemployed man breaks in to a party member's apartment. He stumbles on evidence of corruption inside the party.

Charlie And A Half Trailer (1974)

01 January 1974

Charlie gets by through fleecing suckers with a three-card Monte. He passes himself off as a rich businessman.

Wrong Number Trailer (1979)

06 June 1979

Ze'evik and Srool are hiding in Tiberias from the angry customer to whom they owe money.

Growing Pains Trailer (1979)

20 December 1979

A coming-of-age story combined with a love interest between a boy and girl from different social stratum told during the years of teenage turmoil after high school the barriers of upbringing and taboos disintegrate.

Buskila Twins Trailer (1998)

06 June 1998

A comedy of errors takes place between Paris and Eilat, and tells the story of twin brothers who have not met for 20 years.

Beitar Provence Trailer (2002)

19 December 2002

The story of a little town, Givat Zurim, and its lowest-ranked soccer team. The lot for the quarterfinal of the national championship set Beitar Givat Zurim to host no less than Maccabi Tel Aviv, one of the best teams around.

The Snail Trailer (1971)

02 January 1971

A musical, semi-documentary motion picture considering the making of "Shablul", a rock album by Arik Einstein and Shalom Hanoch.

Lend Me Your Wife Trailer (1988)

06 June 1988

A married couple - Sasson and Yona - decide to open a new page in their life by opening a little restaurant.

Lend Me Your Wife Trailer (1988)

01 January 1988

Lo La'alot Yoter Trailer (1979)

01 January 1979

Beautiful Troubles Trailer (1976)

01 January 1976

A funny romantic comedy about the 25 years of marriage of the couple Zion and Ziona who emigrated to Israel from Yemen.

Delta Force One: The Lost Patrol Trailer (2002)

29 January 2002

An elite commando unit must rescue a captured peacekeeping force from a ruthless international arms dealer.

White Panther Trailer (2013)

29 November 2013

In the 1990's a million former USSR Jews arrived in Israel. The immigrants were despised by the local population who feared their 'invasion'.

The Jerusalem File Trailer (1972)

02 February 1972

An American student starts working with his Arab colleague while putting all politics aside. However, is his colleague just a regular Joe? Set around the time of Arab-Israeli Six Day War.

A Bit of Luck Trailer (1992)

01 January 1992

Vivi and her father emigrate to Israel where he eventually gets recognized by friends and takes up work singing in a small bar.

Little Man Trailer (1978)

02 January 1978

Directed by Ze'ev Revach.

Hasamba Trailer (1971)

01 January 1971

A group of girls and boys set up a secret society called "Hasamba"; their adventures take place, firs

The Battle of Sinai Trailer (1969)

23 May 1969

During the Six Day War between Egypt and Israel a crack team of soldiers are sent on a dangerous mission and end up getting stranded in the desert, where they are forced to fight off numerous attacks by the enemy.

On the Fringe Trailer (1987)

06 June 1987

The story of a mute hermit who lost his voice (or chooses not to speak) after a traumatic combat experience.

Theft from a Thief Trailer (1977)

01 May 1977

A thief is released from prison and with the help of his friend he tries to avenge the policeman who caught him.

The Hairdresser Trailer (1984)

06 June 1984

A classic situations comedy about two twin brothers - Victor and Michel who didn't see each other for twenty years.

Half a Million Black Trailer (1977)

06 June 1977

Two comedians borrow 500,000 Israeli pounds from an entrepreneur who launders the mafia money via his night club in order to produce a musical "Awaiting Godo".