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Zinedine Soualem est un acteur français né le 17 avril 1957 à Thiers(France). Né dans une famille d'origine algérienne, Zinedine Soualem commence son parcours artistique en 1976 en tant que mime de rue pendant 7 ans. En 1983, il entame une carrière de théâtre avec Les Paravents de Jean Genet dans une mise en scène de Patrice Chéreau. Il a joué pour de grandsmetteurs en scène français, notamment pour Ariane Mnouchkine de 1985 à 1991. Parallèlement, il joue au cinéma dans des productions signées Costa-Gavras (Hanna K), Cédric Klapisch (Le Péril jeune, Chacun cherche son chat, Un air de famille, Peut-être, L'Auberge espagnole, Les Poupées Russes, Ni pour ni contre (bien au contraire), Riens du tout, Ma part du gâteau, Casse-tête chinois), Mathieu Kassovitz (La haine). En 2006, il participe aux débuts de réalisateur de Dany Boon en prenant le rôle d'un ouvrier au service d'un agent immobilier crapuleux dans La Maison du bonheur. En 2008, il est à l'affiche d'un nouveau Klapisch, Paris et du film remarqué de Julian Schnabel, Le Scaphandre et le Papillon. Il joue également dans Chacun son cinéma (segment Aki Kaurismaki) et dans Roman de gare de Claude Lelouch. En 2010, il tient un rôle important dans Le Nom des gens puisqu'il y joue Mohamed Benmahmoud, le père de Bahia.    

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Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra Trailer (2002)

29 January 2002

The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra bets against the Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar, that her people are still great, even if the times of the Pharaohs has long passed.

Welcome to the Sticks Trailer (2008)

09 January 2008

Although living a comfortable life in Salon-de-Provence, a charming town in the South of France, Julie has been feeling depressed for a while.

Paris Trailer (2008)

19 January 2008

Pierre, a professional dancer, suffers from a serious heart disease. While he is waiting for a transplant which may (or may not) save his life, he has nothing better to do than look at the people around him, from the balcony of his Paris apartment.

La Haine Trailer (1995)

31 May 1995

Aimlessly whiling away their days in the concrete environs of their dead-end suburbia, Vinz, Hubert, and Said -- a Jew, African, and an Arab -- give human faces to France's immigrant populations, their bristling resentment at their social marginalization slowly simmering until it reaches a climactic boiling point.

Mood Indigo Trailer (2013)

24 April 2013

A woman suffers from an unusual illness caused by a flower growing in her lungs.

JCVD Trailer (2008)

04 June 2008

Between his tax problems and his legal battle with his wife for the custody of his daughter, these are hard times for the action movie star who finds that even Steven Seagal has pinched a role from him! Jean-Claude Van Damme returns to the country of his birth to seek the peace and tranquility he can no longer enjoy in the United States.

Nothing to Declare Trailer (2010)

15 December 2010

During the elimination of the Belgian/French border in the 90s, a Belgian customs officer is forced to team up with one of his French counterparts.

Chinese Puzzle Trailer (2013)

04 December 2013

Xavier is a 40-year-old father of two who still finds life very complicated. When the mother of his children moves to New York, he can't bear them growing up far away from him and so he decides to move there as well.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly Trailer (2007)

22 May 2007

The true story of Elle France editor Jean-Dominique Bauby, who, in 1995 at the age of 43, suffered a stroke that paralyzed his entire body, except his left eye.

The Names of Love Trailer (2010)

24 November 2010

Bahia Benmahmoud, a free-spirited young woman, has a particular way of seeing political engagement, as she doesn't hesitate to sleep with those who don't agree with her to convert them to her cause - which is a lot of people, as all right-leaning people are concerned.

Heaven Will Wait Trailer (2016)

05 October 2016

Mélanie, 16 years old, lives with her mother. She likes going to school, her friends, playing the cello, and she wants to change the world.

Russian Dolls Trailer (2005)

15 June 2005

Five years after their summer together in Barcelona, Xavier, William, Wendy, Martine and Isabelle reunite.

Didier Trailer (1997)

28 January 1997

Jean-Pierre Costa is a football manager upon whom fate appears not to be smiling. First, a friend, Annabelle, dumps a pet Labrador named Didier on him whilst she goes off to make a report in Los Angeles.

A House of Your Dreams Trailer (2006)

07 June 2006

On a mission to loosen up, a miser's sets about buying a house in the country for his family.

The Prey Trailer (2011)

12 April 2011

A robber escapes from prison with a single objective in mind: to track down his former cellmate, a serial killer who intends to pin his crimes on him.

The Nativity Story Trailer (2006)

01 December 2006

Mary and Joseph make the hard journey to Bethlehem for a blessed event in this retelling of the Nativity story.

Hikers Trailer (1997)

12 March 1997

Everyone's Life Trailer (2017)

15 March 2017

Before being judges, attorneys, or jury members, they are first of all men and women at a crossroads in their lives, with their dreams and their secrets, their hopes and their limitations, all beneath the same sun, each with their own dark side.

My Piece of the Pie Trailer (2011)

16 March 2011

France, a factory worker, lives with her three daughters in Dunkirk. The factory where she worked has been closed, leaving France and all of her workmates without a job.

J'ai tué ma femme Trailer (2017)

04 February 2017

Max and Minou are having a relationship crisis: she's crying, he's getting annoyed. Their car has been vandalised but this is not why she's crying.

Family Resemblances Trailer (1996)

06 November 1996

An upper middle-class French family celebrates a birthday in a restaurant. In one evening and during one meal, family history, tensions, collective and separate grudges, delights, and memories both clash and coalesce.

To Each His Own Cinema Trailer (2007)

19 May 2007

A collective film of 33 shorts directed by different directors about their feeling about cinema.

Max Trailer (2013)

18 January 2013

Max is 6 years old. She lives with her dad Toni, a small time crook with a golden heart. For Xmas, Max offers him Rose, a call-girl found on the street whom she’s very fond of.

I'm All Yours Trailer (2015)

30 September 2015

Charming thirty-year-old Hanna Belkacem has inherited the gene from her parents: she is unable to say no.

Not For, or Against (Quite the Contrary) Trailer (2003)

05 March 2003

"Ni Pour, Ni Contre" tracks the fall of a young TV camerawoman, Caty, after she becomes involved with a group of petty criminals and their enigmatic leader, Jean.

If I Were a Rich Man Trailer (2002)

27 November 2002

Between Alice, a hospital nurse and Aldo, a shampoo sales representative, things have turned sour of late.

Télé gaucho Trailer (2012)

10 December 2012

When the Cat's Away Trailer (1996)

03 April 1996

When Chloe (Garance Clavel), a young Parisian, decides to take a long-overdue vacation, she has to find someone to look after Gris-Gris, her beloved cat.

Peut-être Trailer (1999)

10 November 1999

Arthur is invited to a New Year's Eve party to celebrate the year 2000. His girlfriend Lucie would like a baby from him but he refuses.

Crossed Tracks Trailer (2007)

27 June 2007

The successful novelist Judith Ralitzer is interrogated in the police station about the disappearance of her ghost-writer.

What War May Bring Trailer (2010)

15 September 2010

A theater projectionist's daughter is involved in the Resistance in WWII, but she doesn’t share his political involvement & only believes in passion.

Serial Lover Trailer (1998)

22 April 1998

Claire Doste is about to reach the age of 35 and has everything one dreams of, such as having four boyfriends and a creative job in a publishing house specialising in crime novels.

The Lies of the Victors Trailer (2014)

17 October 2014

Fabian Groys, a renowned journalist for a political news magazine, enjoys great freedom, since the stories he uncovers make for good sales.

Les apprentis Trailer (1995)

20 December 1995

Black comedy about two best friends, one a budding playwright and the other a motorbike freak, who spend their time annoying their girlfriends and getting into various scrapes.

Divorces Trailer (2009)

14 October 2009

Valentine et Alex sont mariés, avocats tous les deux, spécialistes des affaires familiales. Dans l'exercice de leur profession, ils défendent le divorce du XXIème siècle : à l'amiable, dans la sérénité et le respect de l'autre, de préférence en garde alternée et en la famille recomposée, loin des vases casés et des atroces scènes de ménage de la génération précédente.

Inch'Allah dimanche Trailer (2001)

05 December 2001

The story of an immigrant woman struggling against old world traditions. Zouina leaves her homeland with her three children to join her husband in France, where he's been living for the past ten years.

Élodie Bradford Trailer (2004)

20 October 2004

Influence Peddling Trailer (1999)

31 March 1999

Maxime and Gerard are a couple of white-collar criminals condemned to 5 years in prison. Sandrine Athan, an honest and principled young police officer, is assigned the banal task of escorting them to the nearest prison in Melun.

J'ai pensé à vous tous les jours Trailer (2008)

27 December 2008

Cedric alias "The Quick" was abandoned at birth by his mother and grew up somehow in the homes of the DDASS.

Mademoiselle Trailer (2001)

21 March 2001

Claire is a young woman who leads a somewhat formatted life. Pierre is an improviser, but not an actor.

The Legend of Princess Parva Trailer (2003)

12 February 2003

The island of Kiam was once a paradise place with a kind Maharaja as a ruler. But one day the villainous Malaw killed the island’s ruler and deprived the Crown Prince Shiva of the throne.

L'incruste Trailer (2004)

01 March 2004

1 Journée Trailer (2007)

01 January 2007

Jacob Berger’s film shows a day in the life of a family. People meet and leave, and wonder, will they find themselves again? At daybreak, Serge believes he has committed a crime.

Operation Casablanca Trailer (2010)

02 December 2010

Mistaken for a dangerous Islamist, Saadi - a regular guy who happens to be an illegal Arab immigrant - sets out on the most dangerous day of his life.

Patchwork Family Trailer (2014)

09 July 2014

Christian is a divorced father who can only see his young daughter Vanessa every other weekend. When he meets the single mother Christine and decides to participate in a summer TV show, his whole life is turned upside down.

The Demon Stirs Trailer (2005)

22 June 2005

Dany Boon - La vie de chantier Trailer (2004)

23 November 2004

Charles Boulin decides to sell his small apartment on Avenue Foch to purchase a little hotel in the western suburbs of Paris.

Voyance et manigance Trailer (2001)

11 April 2001

Moloch tropical Trailer (2009)

12 September 2009

An uprising threatens the president's celebratory dinner.

Vive la vie Trailer (2005)

05 October 2005

Let There Be Light! Trailer (1998)

08 July 1998

God comes to Earth in order to make a film.

Murder in Pacot Trailer (2014)

05 September 2014

In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, a middle-aged Port-au-Prince couple come face to face with the stark contradictions of Haitian society when they are forced to rent out their villa to a foreign aid worker and his enterprising local girlfriend.

Emmenez-moi Trailer (2005)

12 July 2005

Gentlemen Children Trailer (1997)

01 October 1997

To punish three troublemakers, Albert Castraing, their French teacher, gives them an essay to do, in which they must imagine what their lives would be if they were suddenly transformed into adults.

L'ange de goudron Trailer (2001)

23 August 2001

Newly-arrived Ahmed tries to integrate his family to the canadian society, while attempting to control his son's life orientation.

Two Birds, One Stone Trailer (2016)

20 April 2016

State Conspiracy Trailer (2012)

15 June 2012

French territory is threatened by a terrorist organization just before the presidential election. If the government doesn't answer its demands, programmed bombs will explode gradually on the national railway network.

Teacher in a Bikini Trailer (2002)

02 January 2002

Old buddies Eric, Jean and Karim have never really grown up. Spending their listless days and nights in the same Lyon suburb where they were raised, the men are always looking for distractions.

So Woman! Trailer (2009)

15 July 2009

Clemence is a brilliant young lawyer who has just settled herself in a comfortable chair. She does not want to be involved in love.

Le rocher d'Acapulco Trailer (1995)

28 May 1995

Sandrine dreams of becoming a singer in Paris but for the time being she is only a salesgirl at Tati's and lives in a second rate hotel under the careful eye of Ahmed, the night watchman.