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Free Fall Trailer (2014)

25 September 2014

An old woman flies past six floors after jumping from the roof of her apartment block. Six stories on the poor state of humanity, told with humour and rare imagination to the accompaniment of a pulsating soundtrack from Amon Tobin.

Szürke senkik Trailer (2016)

14 December 2016

Mancs Trailer (2015)

29 January 2015

A dog who saved lifes all around the world.

Lost and Found Trailer (2005)

21 November 2005

Six young filmmakers from Central and East Europe developed shorts about the theme "generation"

Chameleon Trailer (2008)

03 December 2008

While cleaning offices at night, Zsolt Kovàcs learns a lot about his invisible employers by examining what they leave behind, carefully choosing his targets, often disillusioned women whom he seduces, methodically taking their money.

Heavenly Shift Trailer (2013)

24 October 2013

Death does not select, man does. Set in Budapest, Heavenly Shift offers an eerie insight into the everyday lives of a rather extraordinary ambulance crew.

Johanna Trailer (2005)

18 May 2005

Johanna, a young drug addict, falls into a deep coma after an accident. Doctors miraculously manage to save her from death's doorstep.

Boszorkánykör Trailer (2009)

01 February 2009

North by North Trailer (1999)

19 February 1999

The story takes place nowadays, somewhere in Northern Hungary. Juli leaves home one day on a bicycle.