Phantom Trailer

Phantom Trailer (1922)

13 November 1922 Fantasy, Drama 125 mins

Lorenz Lubota is a city clerk with no direction in life. One day on his way to work he is run over by a woman driving a chariot and he is immediately infatuated with her.

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Alfred Abel

as Lorenz Lubota

Grete Berger

as Pfandleiherin Schwabe / Pawnbroker Schwabe

Lil Dagover

as Marie Starke

Lya De Putti

as Veronika Harlan / Mellitta (as Lya de Putti)

Anton Edthofer

as Wigottschinski

Aud Egede Nissen

as Melanie Lubota

Olga Engl

as Harlans Frau / Harlan's Wife

Karl Etlinger

as Buchbinder Starke / Bookbinder Starke (as Karl Ettlinger)

Ilka Grüning

as Baronin / Baroness

Adolf Klein

as Harlan

Frida Richard

as Lubotas Mutter / Lubota's Mother (as Frieda Richard)

Hans Heinrich von Twardowski

as Hugo Lubota (as H.H. von Twardowski)

Heinrich Witte

as Amtsdiener / Clerk


F.W. Murnau


Axel Graatkjaer

Axel Graatkjaer Director of Photography

Theophan Ouchakoff

Theophan Ouchakoff Director of Photography

International Titles

The Phantom Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 13 November 1922

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AVAILABLE ON DVD - PHANTOM marked a major turning point in the influential career and the groundbreaking style of cinema

Phantom (1922) Murnau

Fantasma (Phantom) è un film muto del 1922 diretto da Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau. Fantasma è considerato da critici e dagli esperti di cinema come un classico internazionale. Lorenz

Phantom (1922)

I love this particular film. But this moment in particular is quite striking. Murneau conveyed a sense of the 1920's sensibility of parties contrasted with the desperate coming of age

Phantom (1922) - Inception

Ein Film von Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau.

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Phantom Of The Opera - Unmasking Scene (1925)

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