Pretty Woman Trailer

Pretty Woman Trailer (1990)

"Who knew it was so much fun to be a hooker?" 23 March 1990 Comedy, Romance 119 mins

When a millionaire wheeler-dealer enters a business contract with a Hollywood hooker Vivian Ward, he loses his heart in the bargain.

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Julia Roberts

as Vivian Ward

Richard Gere

as Edward Lewis

Ralph Bellamy

as James Morse

Jason Alexander

as Philip Stuckey

Héctor Elizondo

as Barney Thompson

Larry Miller

as Mr. Hollister

Laura San Giacomo

as Kit De Luca

Alex Hyde-White

as David Morse

Elinor Donahue

as Bridget

Amy Yasbeck

as Elizabeth Stuckey

Hank Azaria

as Detective

Michael French

as Maitre D'

Allan Kent

as Waiter

Stacy Keach, Sr.

as Senator Adams


James Newton Howard

Original Music Composer

Charles Minsky

Charles Minsky Director of Photography

Albert Brenner

Albert Brenner Production Design

Walter von Huene

Walter von Huene Associate Producer

Laura Ziskin

Laura Ziskin Executive Producer

David M. Haber

David M. Haber Art Direction

Garrett Lewis

Garrett Lewis Set Decoration

Marilyn Vance

Marilyn Vance Costume Design

International Titles

Mujer bonita Trailer

Une Jolie femme Trailer

Kaunis naine Trailer

Zgodna žena Trailer

Zane Ziba Trailer

Stórkostleg stúlka Trailer

귀여운 여인 Trailer

Grazi moteris Trailer

Zgodna žena Trailer

Cedno dekle Trailer

Mujer Bonita Trailer

Красунечка Trailer

Краля Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 10 October 1990

Austria 06 July 1990

Australia 03 May 1990

Brazil 27 July 1990

Canada 23 March 1990

Germany 05 July 1990

Denmark 10 August 1990

Spain 09 October 1990

Finland 29 June 1990

France 28 November 1990

United Kingdom 01 June 1990

Greece 28 November 1990

Hong Kong 17 October 1990

Hungary 09 August 1990

Ireland 01 June 1990

Iceland 23 May 1990

Italy 13 July 1990

Korea 15 September 1990

Netherlands 27 July 1990

Portugal 03 October 1990

Sweden 29 June 1990

Turkey 16 November 1990

Taiwan 25 August 1990

United States 23 March 1990

Uruguay 27 September 1990

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