Les misérables Trailer

Les misérables Trailer (1925)

24 November 1925 Drama 359 mins

Jean Valjean is a good man who is nevertheless convicted and imprisoned for a minor offense. When he escapes, he is pursued for decades by the unrelenting lawman, Javert.

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Gabriel Gabrio

as Jean Valjean

Jean Toulout

as Javert

Sandra Milovanoff

as Fantine / Cosette

Sandra Milovanoff

as Fantine / Cosette

International Releases Dates

France 24 November 1925

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Les misérables full hd movie trailer.

1925 Les misérables


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The story of Jean Valjean an ex-convict trying to live a reformed live in the 19th century while being dogged by Inspector Javert.

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Les misérables full hd movie trailer.

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