The Strong Man Trailer

The Strong Man Trailer (1926)

19 November 1926 Comedy 75 mins

A meek Belgian soldier (Harry Langdon) fighting in World War I receives penpal letters and a photo from "Mary Brown", an American girl he has never met. He becomes infatuated with her by long distance. After the war, the young Belgian journeys to America as assistant to a theatrical "strong man", Zandow the Great (Arthur Thalasso). While in America, he searches for Mary Brown... and he finds her, just as word comes that Zandow is incapacitated and the little nebbish must go on stage in his place.

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Harry Langdon

as Paul Bergot

Priscilla Bonner

as Mary Brown

Arthur Thalasso

as le grand Zandow

Gertrude Astor

as Lily de Broadway

William V. Mong

as 'Holy Joe'

Robert McKim

as 'Mike' McDevitt

Brooks Benedict

as Bus Passenger (uncredited)

Douglas Haig

as Minor Role (uncredited)


Frank Capra


Carl Davis

Original Music Composer

Kevin Townend

Original Music Composer

Kevin Townend

Kevin Townend Orchestrator

Glenn Kershner

Glenn Kershner Director of Photography

Elgin Lessley

Elgin Lessley Director of Photography

International Titles

El hombre cañon Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 19 November 1926

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The Strong Man (1926)

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Una ragazza cieca un po' alla "City Lights" un finale quasi lieto un po' alla "Modern Times": Harry Langdon "à la Chaplin". The Strong Man 1926 Frank Capra ...

The Strong Man (1926)

The Strong Man is a 1926 American comedy silent film starring Harry Langdon and directed by Frank Capra in his feature-length directorial debut.

Harry Langdon in war from The Strong Man

These videos are created for referential purposes to the original work and are not profitable in any way. No copyright infringement intended.

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