Blonde Venus Trailer

Blonde Venus Trailer (1932)

"What could she do but flee from love? She loved two men at once!" 09 September 1932 Drama 93 mins

American chemist Ned Faraday marries a German entertainer and starts a family. However, he becomes poisoned with Radium and needs an expensive treatment in Germany to have any chance at being cured. Wife Helen returns to night club work to attempt to raise the money and becomes popular as the Blonde Venus. In an effort to get enough money sooner, she prostitutes herself to millionaire Nick Townsend.

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Marlene Dietrich

as Helen Faraday, aka Helen Jones

Herbert Marshall

as Edward 'Ned' Faraday

Cary Grant

as Nick Townsend

Dickie Moore

as Johnny Faraday

Gene Morgan

as Ben Smith

Rita La Roy

as 'Taxi Belle' Hooper

Robert Emmet O'Connor

as Dan O'Connor

Sidney Toler

as Detective Wilson

Morgan Wallace

as Dr. Pierce

Clarence Muse

as Charlie, the Bartender (unconfirmed)

Al Bridge

as Bouncer (uncredited)

Marcelle Corday

as Helen's Maid in France (uncredited)

Cecil Cunningham

as Norfolk Woman Manager (uncredited)

Sterling Holloway

as Joe, Hiker (uncredited)

Hattie McDaniel

as Cora, Helen's Maid in New Orleans (uncredited)

Dennis O'Keefe

as Minor Role (uncredited)


W. Franke Harling

Original Music Composer

John Leipold

Original Music Composer

Paul Marquardt

Original Music Composer

Oscar Potoker

Original Music Composer

Bert Glennon

Bert Glennon Director of Photography

Wiard Ihnen

Wiard Ihnen Art Direction

Travis Banton

Travis Banton Costume Design

International Titles

Die blonde Venus Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 09 September 1932

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Blonde Venus Trailer 1932

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