After the Thin Man Trailer

After the Thin Man Trailer (1936)

25 December 1936 Comedy, Thriller, Crime 112 mins

Recently returned home from vacation, private detective Nick Charles and his socialite wife, Nora, are back on the case when Nora's cousin, Selma, reports her husband Robert missing. As the duo search for the disreputable Robert, Selma's friend David Graham, who secretly pines for her, aids the investigation. When the three begin to unravel Robert's secret life, the missing persons case turns into one of murder.

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William Powell

as Nick Charles

Myrna Loy

as Nora Charles

James Stewart

as David Graham

Elissa Landi

as Selma Landis

Joseph Calleia

as 'Dancer'

Jessie Ralph

as Aunt Katherine Forrest

Alan Marshal

as Robert Landis

Teddy Hart

as Floyd Casper

Sam Levene

as Lt. Abrams

Penny Singleton

as Polly Byrnes

William Law

as Lum Kee

George Zucco

as Dr. Adolph Kammer

Paul Fix

as Phil Byrnes / Ralph West

Tom Ricketts

as Henry, the butler


as Asta

Zeffie Tilbury

as Aunt Lucy


Oliver T. Marsh

Oliver T. Marsh Director of Photography

Herbert Stothart

Original Music Composer

Edward Ward

Original Music Composer

Cedric Gibbons

Cedric Gibbons Art Direction

Seymour Felix

Seymour Felix Choreographer

Douglas Shearer

Douglas Shearer Recording Supervision

Dolly Tree

Dolly Tree Costumer

International Titles

Dünner Mann, 2. Fall Trailer

Und sowas nennt sich Detektiv Trailer

The Thin Man - After The Thin Man Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 01 January 1936

United States 25 December 1936

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