Dimples Trailer

Dimples Trailer (1936)

08 October 1936 Drama, Family 79 mins

Shirley Temple lives with the pick-pocket grandfather in 19th century New York City. She entertains the crowds while he works his racket. A rich lady makes it possible for the girl to go legit. "Uncle Tom's Cabin" is performed.

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Shirley Temple

as Dimples Appleby

Frank Morgan

as Prof. Eustace Appleby

Robert Kent

as Allen Drew

Helen Westley

as Mrs. Caroline Drew

Astrid Allwyn

as Cleo Marsh

Brook Byron

as Betty Loring (as Delma Byron)

Hall Johnson Choir

as Choir (as The Hall Johnson Choir)

Berton Churchill

as Colonel Loring

Paul Stanton

as Mr. St. Clair

Julius Tannen

as Hawkins

John Carradine

as Richards


International Releases Dates

United States 08 October 1936

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Dimples Trailer 1936

Dimples Trailer 1936 Director: William A. Seiter Starring: John Carradine Frank Morgan Shirley Temple Helen Westley Robert Kent Delma Byron Official Content From Twentieth Century

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Dimples full hd movie trailer.

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A few scenes from the 1936 film Dimples. In them Allen Drew is staging the world's first production of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and he asks to see Professor Eustace Appleby and his granddaughter...

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Two musical numbers from the 1936 film Dimples. The first is "Hey What Did the Blue Jay Say" and the second is "Picture Me Without You." Starring Frank Morgan as Professor Appleby

Dimples (1936) Shirley Temple - He was the dandy

Isn't she the cutest cutie ever?

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