The Crime of Monsieur Lange Trailer

The Crime of Monsieur Lange Trailer (1936)

24 January 1936 Drama, Crime, Foreign 80 mins

A man and a woman arrive in a cafe-hotel near the belgian frontier. The customers recognize the man from the police's description. His name is Amedee Lange, he murdered Batala in Paris. His lady friend Valentine tells the whole story : Lange was an employee in Batala's little printing works. Batala was a real bastard, swindling every one, seducing female workers of Valentine's laundry... One day he fled to avoid facing his creditors, and the workers set up a cooperative to go on working. But the plot is less important that the description of the atmosphere just before the Popular Front.

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René Lefèvre

as Monsieur Lange

Jules Berry

as Batala

Marcel Lévesque

as The Concierge

Odette Talazac

as The Concierge's Wife

Odette Florelle

as Valentine

International Titles

Das Verbrechen des Herrn Lange Trailer

El crimen de Monsieur Lange Trailer

Herra Langen rikos Trailer

Il delitto del signor Lange Trailer

The Crime of Monsieur Lange Trailer

International Releases Dates

France 24 January 1936

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The Crime of Monsieur Lange - Trailer

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The Crime Of Monsieur Lange—Deep Focus Cinematography

The Crime of Monsieur Lange full hd movie trailer.

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