Some Like It Hot Trailer

Some Like It Hot Trailer (1959)

"The movie too HOT for words!" 18 March 1959 Comedy, Romance 122 mins

Two musicians witness a mob hit and struggle to find a way out of the city before they are found by the gangsters. Their only opportunity is to join an all-girl band as they leave on a tour. To make their getaway they must first disguise themselves as women, then keep their identities secret and deal with the problems this brings - such as an attractive bandmate and a very determined suitor.

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Marilyn Monroe

as Sugar Kane Kowalczyk

Tony Curtis

as Joe (Josephine)

Jack Lemmon

as Jerry (Daphne)

George Raft

as Spats Colombo

Pat O’Brien

as Det. Mulligan

Joe E. Brown

as Osgood Fielding III

Nehemiah Persoff

as Little Bonaparte

Joan Shawlee

as Sweet Sue

Billy Gray

as Sig Poliakoff

George E. Stone

as Toothpick Charlie

Dave Barry

as Beinstock

Mike Mazurki

as Spats' henchman

Harry Wilson

as Spats' Henchman

Beverly Wills

as Dolores

Barbara Drew

as Nellie

Edward G. Robinson Jr.

as Johnny Paradise


Charles Lang

Charles Lang Director of Photography

Eve Newman

Eve Newman Music Editor

I.A.L. Diamond

I.A.L. Diamond Associate Producer

Adolph Deutsch

Original Music Composer

Ted Haworth

Ted Haworth Art Direction

Edward G. Boyle

Edward G. Boyle Set Decoration

International Titles

Una Eva y dos Adanes Trailer

Manche mögen's heiß Trailer

Някои го предпочитат горещо Trailer

Quanto Mais Quente Melhor Trailer

热情如火 Trailer

热情似火 Trailer

Nekdo to rád horké Trailer

Manche mögen's heiß Trailer

Manche mögen's Heiss Trailer

Ingen er fuldkommen Trailer

Con Faldas y a lo Loco Trailer

Certains l'aiment chaud Trailer

Neki to vole vruće Trailer

Hamim V'Taeem Trailer

A qualcuno piace caldo Trailer

O atsui no ga o suki Trailer

뜨거운 것이 좋아 Trailer

Dziaze tik merginos Trailer

Some like it hot - Noen har det hett Trailer

Pół żartem, pół serio Trailer

Pól zartem, pól serio Trailer

Quanto Mais Quente Melhor Trailer

Unora le place jazz-ul Trailer

Neki to vole vruce Trailer

Некоторые любят погорячее Trailer

Nekateri so za vroce Trailer

Niekto to rád horúce Trailer

Bazilari Sicak Sever Trailer

У джазi тiльки дiвчата Trailer

Дехто любить гарячіше Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 22 April 1959

Austria 29 September 1959

Australia 26 February 2005

Brazil 04 May 1959

Czech Republic 01 January 1960

Germany 06 June 2002

Denmark 15 August 2001

Spain 27 February 1989

Finland 11 April 2007

France 25 August 2004

United Kingdom 18 July 2014

Greece 30 July 2009

Hong Kong 17 December 1959

Ireland 14 August 1959

Italy 15 September 1959

Mexico 08 October 1959

Netherlands 03 February 2002

Norway 08 February 2009

Poland 29 January 2010

Portugal 13 October 1960

Sweden 27 September 1959

Turkey 30 December 1959

Taiwan 06 April 2012

United States 25 April 2010

Uruguay 10 August 1959

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