The Plough and the Stars Trailer

The Plough and the Stars Trailer (1936)

26 December 1936 Drama 72 mins

Barbara Stanwyck stars as the wife of an Irish revolutionary during the Easter rebellion.

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Barbara Stanwyck

as Nora Clitheroe

Preston Foster

as Jack Clitheroe

Barry Fitzgerald

as Fluther Good

Denis O'Dea

as The Covey

Eileen Crowe

as Bessie Burgess

F.J. McCormick

as Brennan

Una O'Connor

as Mrs. Gogan

Arthur Shields

as Padraic Pearse

Moroni Olsen

as Gen. Connally

J.M. Kerrigan

as Uncle Peter

Bonita Granville

as Mollser Gogan

Erin O'Brien-Moore

as Rosie Redmond

Robert Homans

as Timmy the Barman

Brandon Hurst

as Sergeant Tinley

Cyril McLaglen

as Corporal Stoddard


John Ford


Joseph H. August

Joseph H. August Director of Photography

Cliff Reid

Cliff Reid Associate Producer

Robert Sisk

Robert Sisk Associate Producer

Van Nest Polglase

Van Nest Polglase Art Direction

Darrell Silvera

Darrell Silvera Set Decoration

Walter Plunkett

Walter Plunkett Costume Design

Bill Cooley

Bill Cooley Makeup Artist

Roy Webb

Original Music Composer

International Titles

La osa mayor y las estrellas Trailer

Révolte à Dublin Trailer

L'aratro e le stelle Trailer

International Releases Dates

Finland 17 April 1937

Portugal 16 April 1945

United States 26 December 1936

Production Companies

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The Plough and the Stars

The Plough and the Stars full hd movie trailer.

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