Dollar Trailer

Dollar Trailer (1938)

05 September 1938 Comedy 78 mins

Ludvig and Sussi Battwyhl, Louis and Katja Brenner and Julia and Kurt Balzar are upper class millionaires. They don't seem to do any real work but still need a vacation in the mountains. Everybody seems to be romantically involved with everybody. A rich American woman joins them. Plot by Mattias Thuresson.

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Ingrid Bergman

as Julia Balzar

Georg Rydeberg

as Kurt Balzar

Tutta Rolf

as Sussi Brenner

Kotti Chave

as Louis Brenner

Birgit Tengroth

as Katja von Battwyhl

Håkan Westergren

as Ludvig von Battwyhl

Edvin Adolphson

as Dr. Jonson

Elsa Burnett

as Mary Jonston

Margareta Bergfeldt

as Woman in the Hotel Lobby

Olle Björklund

as Young Man at the Hotel

Millan Bolander

as Karin - Nurse

Gösta Cederlund

as Man at The Royal Yacht Club

Erland Colliander

as Man at The Royal Yacht ClubErland Colliander

Nils Dahlgren

as Man at The Royal Yacht Club

Ernesto Dethorey

as Walker - Argentine Poker Player

N. Dickson

as Charles - Mary's Black Chauffeur


Åke Dahlqvist

Åke Dahlqvist Director of Photography

Eric Bengtson

Original Music Composer

Arne Åkermark

Arne Åkermark Production Design

Alva Lundin

Alva Lundin Title Designer

International Releases Dates

Sweden 05 September 1938

Production Companies

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