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Swedenhielms Trailer (1935)

08 April 1935

The Swedenhielms is an old aristocratic family. The head of the family is professor Rolf Swedenhielm. His three children Bo, Julia and Rolf Jr also live in the house. They also have an excellent house maid, Boman. Because of the family's extravagance, they are heading for bankruptcy. But perhaps their problems would be solved if Rolf was awarded the Nobel Prize?

Intermezzo Trailer (1936)

16 November 1936

The world famous violinist Holger Brandt comes back to his family after a tour. He and his wife have been married for many years, but their love has faded.

The Count of the Old Town Trailer (1935)

21 January 1935

In one of the narrow streets of the Old town of Stockholm lies hotel City. It's inhabited by mysterious characters such as 'Greven', 'Blomman' and others.

The Marriage Game Trailer (1935)

25 November 1935

The sculptress Tora Diidiken is married to the sculptor Gunnar Grahn and they both compete in a contest to design a statue for the public square in Hicksville.

Woman Without a Face Trailer (1947)

16 September 1947

Swedish drama film directed by Gustaf Molander and written by Ingmar Bergman.

Dollar Trailer (1938)

05 September 1938

Ludvig and Sussi Battwyhl, Louis and Katja Brenner and Julia and Kurt Balzar are upper class millionaires.

Eva Trailer (1948)

26 December 1948

Marine Bo Fredriksson is travelling home on a leave. He reminisce about an accident he caused as a 12-year old which killed a young girl, an event that has made him feel revulsion for death.

Flottans kavaljerer Trailer (1948)

25 December 1948

Baron Conrad Crusenhielm is hit in the head during a drunken brawl. Suffering from amnesia, he is mistaken for the lost sailor Karlsson and taken to the navy vessel Fylgia.

One Night Trailer (1931)

13 September 1931

The Beckius family is living near the border to Russia. The youngest son, Armas, is living a wild life that eventually leads to a break with the family after which he joins the Russian Revolution.

A Woman's Face Trailer (1938)

31 October 1938

A woman with a disfigured face, which is reflected in her life view: she is bitter and mean-spirited, is given the chance to lead a new life thanks to plastic surgery.

Tonight or Never Trailer (1941)

04 June 1941

Swedish Comedy film

That's Life Trailer (1962)

09 February 1962

Anita Linbloms breakthrough film.

Kristin kommenderar Trailer (1946)

02 September 1946

Marianne and Harald are busy with their jobs and three children. They are lucky to find a mysterious house maid to employ who have her own reasons for helping them.

Song of the Scarlet Flower Trailer (1956)

26 December 1956

Olof is driven from home when he wants to marry the wrong girl. He takes a job as a log driver and his reputation as a womanizer goes far and wide.

June Night Trailer (1940)

03 April 1940

A woman flees to avoid rumors of promiscuity, but is trailed by a reporter who wants to expose her dark past.

Sir Arne's Treasure Trailer (1954)

16 December 1954

Three Scottish noblemen escape from Gripsholm Castle and breaks in to the home of Lord Arne. They kill everyone except for Lord Arne's adopted daughter Elsalill.

Pappa sökes Trailer (1947)

01 June 1947

Holger Hallman, CEO of a weapons factory try to prevent his son Tom from dating a manucurist, Lydia. By mistake he try to pay off the wrong manicurist, Mary, who by coincidence has a fiancé named Tom.

A Little Flirt Trailer (1934)

29 January 1934

Orphan Didi is raised by her aunts and in love with her ward, the surgeon Dr. Gunnar Green. He is more interested in the stars of the theatre so Didi decides to fight for him.

Divorced Trailer (1951)

26 December 1951

Gertrud is being abandoned by her husband after 20 years of marriage. Offended and unhappy she leaves her home and rents a room.

Springpojkar är vi allihopa! Trailer (1941)

04 January 1941

Gugge and Nuffe work at the competing meat wholesalers AB Delikatesser and AB Skånedelikatesser. Thr

Seventh Heaven Trailer (1956)

11 June 1956

Famous radio personality Willy Lorens has a big success with the radio series "Seventh Heaven." The amount of fan mail and attention eventually becomes too much for Willy, who suffers a minor collapse.

Biffen och Bananen Trailer (1951)

12 February 1951

No overview found.

Nattens ljus Trailer (1957)

14 October 1957

Directed by Lars-Eric Kjellgren

The Ingmar Inheritance Trailer (1925)

26 December 1925

"The Ingmar Inheritance". The story of a group of farmers who choose to leave their homes and follow the preacher Helgum to the Holy Land.

On the Sunnyside Trailer (1936)

03 February 1936

Eva Bergh works as a bank clerk, but dreams of becoming an artist. At a party she meets the rich Harald Ribe and he instantly falls in love with her.

His Lord's Will Trailer (1940)

26 December 1940

His grace, the Lord Chamberlain and Colonel Baron Roger Bernhusen de Sars of Rogershus, Klockeberga and Björkenäs, will celebrate his 70th birthday.

Ljuset från Lund Trailer (1955)

26 December 1955

A horse wanders from town to the countryside. Here lives Sten Stensson Steen, a bachelor at law and philosophy.

Karl Fredrik Reigns Trailer (1934)

03 March 1934

A Svensk Filmindustri production.