Yukiko and Natsuyo Trailer

Yukiko and Natsuyo Trailer (1941)

14 August 1941 Drama 85 mins

Adaptation of a novel by Nobuko Yoshiya that was serialized in "Shufu no tomo" between 1939 and 1940.

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Takako Irie

as Yukiko

Isuzu Yamada

as Natsuyo

Minoru Takada

as Shoichi Utsumi

Ureo Egawa

as Seiichi Oikawa

Sayuri Tanima

as Tazuko

Kumeko Otowa

as Kiyo, the maid

Rikie Sanjô

as Mitsue Oikawa

Junko Tachibana

as Yumiko Saeki

Tamae Kiyokawa

as Gin Odagiri


Ryo Takei

Ryo Takei Executive Producer

Nobuko Yoshiya

Nobuko Yoshiya Original Story

Takeo Ito

Takeo Ito Director of Photography

Chôshichirô Mikami

Chôshichirô Mikami Sound Recordist

Takashi Kanasu

Takashi Kanasu Art Direction

Nobuyuki Takeoka

Original Music Composer

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