Hangmen Also Die! Trailer

Hangmen Also Die! Trailer (1943)

"The shot heard 'round the world!" 15 April 1943 Drama, History, Thriller 134 mins

During the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia, surgeon Dr. Franticek Svoboda, a Czech patriot, assassinates the brutal "Hangman of Europe", Reichsprotektor Reinhard Heydrich, and is wounded in the process. In his attempt to escape, he is helped by history professor Stephen Novotny and his daughter Mascha.

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Brian Donlevy

as Dr. Franticek Svoboda

Brian Donlevy

as Dr. Franticek Svoboda aka Karel Vanek

Walter Brennan

as Prof. Stephen Novotny

Anna Lee

as Nasha Novotny

Anna Lee

as Masha Novotny

Gene Lockhart

as Emil Czaka (brewer)

Gene Lockhart

as Emil Czaka

Hans Heinrich von Twardowski

as Reinhard Heydrich

Nana Bryant

as Mrs. Hellie Novotny

Margaret Wycherly

as Ludmilla Novotny

Dennis O'Keefe

as Jan Horak (Nasha's fiancé)

Dennis O'Keefe

as Jan Horak

Tonio Selwart

as Chief of Gestapo Kurt Haas

Alexander Granach

as Gestapo Insp. Alois Gruber

Reinhold Schünzel

as Gestapo Insp. Ritter

Ludwig Donath

as Schirmer


Fritz Lang


Bertolt Brecht

Bertolt Brecht Adaptation

Bertolt Brecht

Bertolt Brecht Original Story

Fritz Lang

Fritz Lang Original Story

Fritz Lang

Fritz Lang Adaptation

Fritz Lang

Fritz Lang Producer

James Wong Howe

James Wong Howe Director of Photography

William S. Darling

William S. Darling Art Direction

Robert Stephanoff

Robert Stephanoff Makeup Artist

Carley Harriman

Carley Harriman Production Manager

Walter Mayo

Walter Mayo Assistant Director

International Titles

Henker sterben auch Trailer

Myöskin pyövelit kuolevat Trailer

Pyövelitkin kuolevat Trailer

Les bourreaux meurent aussi Trailer

Kai oi dimioi pethainoun Trailer

Never Surrender Trailer

No Surrender Trailer

Trust the People Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 04 May 1944

Germany 09 September 1984

Denmark 25 November 1946

Finland 26 June 1953

France 24 October 2007

Greece 20 December 2012

Italy 10 January 1946

Mexico 29 September 1943

Portugal 08 January 2010

Sweden 03 May 1945

United States 15 April 1943

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Fritz Lang Hangmen Also Die! (1943

Svoboda (Hangmen Also Die! Fritz Lang 1943)

Hangmen Also Die! full hd movie trailer.

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Hangmen Also Die 1943

Hangmen Also Die! full hd movie trailer.

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