Collateral Trailer

Collateral Trailer (2004)

"It started like any other night." 04 August 2004 Drama, Thriller, Crime 120 mins

Cab driver Max picks up a man who offers him $600 to drive him around. But the promise of easy money sours when Max realizes his fare is an assassin.

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Tom Cruise

as Vincent

Mark Ruffalo

as Detective Fanning

Mark Ruffalo

as Fanning

Peter Berg

as Richard Weidner

Bruce McGill

as Pedrosa

Javier Bardem

as Felix Reyes-Torrena

Klea Scott

as Fed #1

Richard T. Jones

as Traffic Cop #1

James McBride

as Traffic Cop #2


Dion Beebe

Dion Beebe Director of Photography

Paul Cameron

Paul Cameron Director of Photography

David Wasco

David Wasco Production Design

Daniel T. Dorrance

Daniel T. Dorrance Art Direction

Frank Darabont

Frank Darabont Executive Producer

Robert N. Fried

Robert N. Fried Executive Producer

Peter Giuliano

Peter Giuliano Executive Producer

International Titles

Colateral: Lugar y tiempo equivocado Trailer

Съучастникът Trailer

Colateral Trailer

Collateral Trailer

Collateral - ohtlik reisija Trailer

Collateral: Η διαδρομή Trailer

コラテラル Trailer

Nakties ikaitas Trailer

Zakładnik Trailer

Kolateral Trailer

Stranski ucinki Trailer

Tetikcinin Gecesi Trailer

落日殺神 Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Arab Emirates 08 September 2004

Argentina 19 August 2004

Austria 24 September 2004

Australia 14 October 2004

Bangladesh 22 January 2005

Belgium 29 September 2004

Bahrain 09 September 2004

Brazil 27 August 2004

Canada 06 August 2004

Switzerland 23 September 2004

Chile 26 August 2004

Czech Republic 21 October 2004

Germany 23 September 2004

Denmark 29 October 2004

Estonia 05 November 2004

Egypt 08 September 2004

Spain 06 August 2004

Finland 15 October 2004

France 07 September 2004

United Kingdom 17 September 2004

Georgia 15 October 2004

Greece 29 October 2004

Hong Kong 05 August 2004

Hungary 21 October 2004

Ireland 17 September 2004

Israel 06 October 2004

Iceland 24 September 2004

Italy 15 October 2004

Korea 15 October 2004

Kuwait 08 September 2004

Mexico 20 August 2004

Malaysia 19 August 2004

Netherlands 30 September 2015

Norway 22 October 2004

Panama 20 August 2004

Philippines 11 August 2004

Poland 01 October 2004

Portugal 07 October 2004

Romania 08 October 2004

Russia 16 September 2004

Sweden 22 October 2004

Singapore 12 August 2004

Slovenia 21 October 2004

Slovakia 21 October 2004

Thailand 06 August 2004

Turkey 15 October 2004

United States 06 August 2004

Uruguay 01 October 2004

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