Batman and Robin Trailer

Batman and Robin Trailer (1949)

26 May 1949 Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi 263 mins

This 15-chapter serial pits Batman and Robin against The Wizard, who uses a device that allows him to control machinery to hold the city hostage.

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Robert Lowery

as Batman / Bruce Wayne

Johnny Duncan

as Robin / Dick Grayson

Lyle Talbot

as Commissioner Jim Gordon

Jane Adams

as Vicki Vale

Ralph Graves

as Winslow Harrison [Chs. 7-8]

Don C. Harvey

as Henchman Nolan [Chs. 1-6] (as Don Harvey)

William Fawcett

as Prof. Hammil

Leonard Penn

as Carter - Hammil's Valet

Rick Vallin

as Barry Brown

Michael Whalen

as Private Investigator Dunne [Chs. 2, 9, 12]

Greg McClure

as Henchman Evans [Chs. 1-6]

House Peters Jr.

as Henchman Earl [Chs. 7-15]

International Releases Dates

United States 26 May 1949

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