Johnny One-Eye Trailer

Johnny One-Eye Trailer (1950)

"SHE'LL NEVER BE IN JAIL... but every gorgeous inch of her is against the law!" 05 May 1950 Drama, Crime 78 mins

Johnny One-Eye was adapted from one of Damon Runyon's lesser-known stories. Pat O'Brien and Wayne Morris star as Martin Martin and Dane Cory respectively, former partners in crime who have long since split up. When a new district attorney puts the heat on, Cory, anxious to save his own hide, accuses Martin of an unsolved murder. Holed up in abandoned house, Martin is befriended by a little girl (Gayle Reed) and her dog. It so happens that the girl is the daughter of the crusading DA, and thereby hangs the rest of this tale. Produced by Benedict Bogeaus, Johnny One-Eye co-stars Bogeaus' wife Dolores Moran as a moll named Lily White. The film represented the last directorial assignment of Robert Florey, who retired shortly afterward.

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Pat O’Brien

as Martin Martin

Wayne Morris

as Dane Cory

Dolores Moran

as Lily White

Gayle Reed

as Elsie White

Barton Hepburn

as Cory Henchman

Raymond Largay

as Lawbooks

John Doucette

as Plain-clothes Policeman

Lyle Talbot

as Official from District Attorney's Office


Louis Forbes

Original Music Composer

Howard Jackson

Original Music Composer

Lucien N. Andriot

Lucien N. Andriot Director of Photography

Van Nest Polglase

Van Nest Polglase Production Design

Edward G. Boyle

Edward G. Boyle Set Decoration

International Releases Dates

United States 05 May 1950

Production Companies

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Johnny One-Eye full hd movie trailer.

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