Love That Brute Trailer

Love That Brute Trailer (1950)

06 June 1950 Comedy, Crime 85 mins

Director Alexander Hall's 1950 comedy, about a crude gangster hopelessly falling for a sweet young city government employee, stars Paul Douglas, Jean Peters, Cesar Romero, Keenan Wynn, Joan Davis, Arthur Treacher, Jay C. Flippen, Barry Kelley, Leon Belasco, Clara Blandick, John Doucette, Arthur O'Connell and Charles Lane.

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Paul Douglas

as E.L. 'Big Ed' Hanley

Jean Peters

as Ruth Manning

Cesar Romero

as Pretty Willie Wetzchahofsky

Keenan Wynn

as Bugsy Welch

Joan Davis

as Mamie Sage


International Releases Dates

United States 06 June 1950

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