The Gunfighter Trailer

The Gunfighter Trailer (1950)


Gregory Peck stars as an aging notorious gunslinger, Johnny Ringo. Sick of killing he tries to avoid trouble, but when a cocksure young man named Eddie draws on him, Ringo has no choice but to kill him. Now Eddie's three brothers are after him. Ringo decides to return East to see his estranged wife and young son before the brothers catch up with him.

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Gregory Peck

as Jimmy Ringo

Helen Westcott

as Peggy Walsh

Millard Mitchell

as Marshal Mark Strett

Jean Parker

as Molly

Skip Homeier

as Hunt Bromley

Anthony Ross

as Deputy Charlie Norris

Verna Felton

as Mrs. August Pennyfeather

Ellen Corby

as Mrs. Devlin

Edmund Cobb

as Citizen (uncredited)

Victor Adamson

as Townsman at Funeral (uncredited)

Murray Alper

as Townsman at Funeral (uncredited)

Chet Brandenburg

as Townsman at Funeral (uncredited)

Blackie Whiteford

as Townsman at Funeral (uncredited)

Harry Carter

as Townsman (uncredited)


Henry King


Alfred Newman

Original Music Composer

Arthur C. Miller

Arthur C. Miller Director of Photography

Roger Corman

Roger Corman Additional Writing

Nunnally Johnson

Nunnally Johnson Additional Writing

Lyle R. Wheeler

Lyle R. Wheeler Art Direction

Thomas Little

Thomas Little Set Decoration

Walter M. Scott

Walter M. Scott Set Decoration

Ben Nye

Ben Nye Makeup Artist

International Titles

Der Scharfschütze Trailer

Стрелецът Trailer

Fiebre de sangre Trailer

Farligt rygte Trailer

El pistolero Trailer

Ase kädessä Trailer

La cible humaine Trailer

Monomahia tin avgi Trailer

A pisztolyhős Trailer

Romantico avventuriero Trailer

Geschonden glorie Trailer

Pistolarul Trailer

Hämndens timme Trailer

International Releases Dates

Brazil 08 September 1950

Germany 02 July 1953

Portugal 05 June 1951

United States 23 June 1950

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The Gunfighter - Gregory Peck 1950

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