Against All Flags Trailer

Against All Flags Trailer (1952)

24 December 1952 Adventure, Action 83 mins

British Naval Officer (Errol Flynn) fights pirates on Madagascar.

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Errol Flynn

as Brian Hawke

Maureen O'Hara

as Prudence "Spitfire" Stevens

Anthony Quinn

as Captain Roc Brasiliano

Alice Kelley

as Princess Patma

Mildred Natwick

as Molvina MacGregor

Robert Warwick

as Captain Kidd

John Alderson

as Jonathan Harris

Phil Tully

as Jones

Lester Matthews

as Sir Cloudsley

Tudor Owen

as Williams

Maurice Marsac

as Captain Moisson

James Craven

as Captain Hornsby

James Fairfax

as Cruikshank (barber)

John Alderson

as Jonathan Harris

John George

as Pirate at Auction (uncredited)


Hans J. Salter

Original Music Composer

Russell Metty

Russell Metty Cinematography

Russell Metty

Russell Metty Director of Photography

International Titles

Ørnen fra Madagaskar Trailer

A l'abordage Trailer

Против всех врагов Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 03 April 1953

France 03 April 1953

Portugal 08 May 1953

United States 24 December 1952

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