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Against All Flags Trailer (1952)

24 December 1952

British Naval Officer (Errol Flynn) fights pirates on Madagascar.

Sex and the Single Girl Trailer (1964)

25 December 1964

A womanizing reporter for a sleazy tabloid magazine impersonates his hen-pecked neighbor in order to get an expose on renowned psychologist Helen Gurley Brown.

Buccaneer's Girl Trailer (1950)

01 March 1950

Buccaneer's Girl is a 1950 American romantic adventure film directed by Frederick De Cordova and starring Yvonne De Carlo, Philip Friend and Robert Douglas.

At Sword's Point Trailer (1952)

22 April 1952

France, 1648: Richelieu and Louis XIII are dead, the new king is a minor, and the Duc de Lavalle is in virtually open rebellion, scheming to seize power.

Rails Into Laramie Trailer (1954)

14 April 1954

A federal agent arrives in Laramie to try to find out who is behind the efforts to stop the construction of a new railroad track.

The Duel at Silver Creek Trailer (1952)

01 August 1952

A gang of claim jumpers is infesting the territory, gaining ownership of undermanned mining operations through extortion.

Gung Ho! Trailer (1943)

20 December 1943

A true-life epic that revolves around an exclusive bataillon of the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II, "Carlson's Raiders," whose assignment is to take control of a South Pacific island once possessed by the United States but now under Japanese command.

The Living Ghost Trailer (1942)

11 August 1942

A detective investigating kidnapping case discovers the victim, who may be a zombie.

The King's Pirate Trailer (1967)

20 July 1967

Handsome British officer, Lt. Brian Fleming is sent undercover to infiltrate a lively band of pirates.

Thank You, Jeeves! Trailer (1936)

30 June 1936

Jeeves tries to keep his young master out of trouble.

Charlie Chan's Secret Trailer (1936)

17 January 1936

Allen Colby, heir to a huge fortune, is presumed drowned after an ocean liner sinks off the coast of Honolulu.

An Innocent Affair Trailer (1948)

15 October 1948

Vincent Doane is in the precarious position of trying to close an advertising account with his rich ex-fiancée.

Carolina Blues Trailer (1944)

20 December 1944

When he loses his lead singer, bandleader Kay Kyser can't find a replacement he likes.

Chicago Syndicate Trailer (1955)

01 July 1955

Not long after starring in Las Vegas Shakedown, Dennis O'Keefe headed eastward to appear in Chicago Syndicate.

Has Anybody Seen My Gal? Trailer (1952)

25 June 1952

When a 1920s millionaire tests the fiber of his Vermont family, a young lady and her boyfriend feel the repercussions.

And Baby Makes Three Trailer (1949)

02 December 1949

A recently divorced couple (Robert Young, Barbara Hale) see things differently after learning they are going to be parents.

Air Cadet Trailer (1951)

14 March 1951

A group of cadets have assorted problems at the U.S. Air Force Pilot Training Academy.

Tall Man Riding Trailer (1955)

18 June 1955

Still seeking revenge against ranch owner Tuck Ordway for publicly whipping him years earlier and breaking up his relationship with Ordway's daughter, cowboy Larry Madden plans to oust Ordway from his ranch by having his claim to the land declared invalid.

Shadows Over Shanghai Trailer (1938)

14 October 1938

A pilot carrying a valuable amulet is shot down over China by a ruthless Russian agent, who also wants the amulet.

Damaged Goods Trailer (1937)

22 May 1937

Warning of the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases, specifically syphilis.

The Return of Daniel Boone Trailer (1941)

07 May 1941

The scout's grandson (Bill Elliott) foils land-grabbers; his sidekick (Dub Taylor) flirts with twins.

The Lone Hand Trailer (1953)

26 June 1953

Western starring Joel McCrea as a law enforcement officer who goes undercover and pretends to be an outlaw.

China Sky Trailer (1945)

16 May 1945

In a hill city of war-torn China, the American mission hospital is run by Dr. Gray Thompson and Dr. Sara Durand, who secretly loves him.

Quick Millions Trailer (1939)

25 August 1939

In Hollywood the Jones family runs into crooks who convince them they have inherited a gold mine at the Grand Canyon.

Goodnight, Sweetheart Trailer (1944)

17 June 1944

A journalist attacks the campaign of a mayoral candidate who has gained the endorsement of a rival newspaper.

One Thrilling Night Trailer (1942)

05 June 1942

A honeymoon couple in New York for one night of wedded bliss before he's to join the army, become involved with gangsters after they find a cadaver under their bed.

Arson Racket Squad Trailer (1938)

27 March 1938

New York City fireman Bill O'Connell is assigned to the Arson Sqaud with the job of apprehending the for-profit gang of arsonists who are spreading terror and loss of property, including human life.

Man With Two Lives Trailer (1942)

26 February 1942

A man is brought back from death at the same time a vicious criminal dies in the electric chair. However, the man's soul is now taken over by the electrocuted gangster, who embarks on a vengeful crime wave.

The Girl in the Case Trailer (1944)

20 April 1944

William Warner (Edmund Lowe, Dillinger) is a lawyer who is famous for his skill at opening any kind of lock, making him a valuable commodity.

Jailbreak Trailer (1936)

05 August 1936

A reporter gets himself sent to prison so he can solve a murder behind bars.

Country Gentlemen Trailer (1936)

08 November 1936

After being run out of town after town for trying to sell worthless stock, two con artists breeze into the small town of Chesterville, where they find themselves accused of kidnapping a young boy to whom they offered a ride.

Hollywood Round-Up Trailer (1937)

06 November 1937

While filming a western on location, the stand-in/stunt double for an egotistical cowboy movie star proves his heroics when a "fake" bank robbery turns out to be the real thing.

Redhead from Manhattan Trailer (1943)

06 May 1943

Lupe Vélez plays a dual role, twin sisters Rita and Elaine. After escaping a torpedoed ship, Rita shows up in Manhattan, where she takes the place of her Broadway-star twin sister Elaine (both parts played by Lupe Vélez), who's having problems with her marriage and needs to make a getaway.

Boy Friend Trailer (1939)

19 May 1939

A cop pretends to be a crook in order to catch a gang of outlaws. The bad guys run a night club as a front.

City of Silent Men Trailer (1942)

12 October 1942

The plot revolves around a group of ex-convicts who try to start life anew by relocating in a small town under assumed names.

Pride of the Navy Trailer (1939)

23 January 1939

A disruptive Annapolis naval cadet refuses to tow the line and so gets booted out of the prestigious academy.

Under Suspicion Trailer (1937)

22 November 1937

Jack Holt stars as Robert Bailey, a Henry Ford-like auto industrialist who decides to give his millions away to various charitable causes.