O. Henry's Full House Trailer

O. Henry's Full House Trailer (1952)

"A dozen top stars - five famed directors bring you the best stories of O. Henry!" 07 August 1952 Drama, Comedy 117 mins

Five O. Henry stories, each separate. The primary one from the critic's acclaim was "The Cop and the Anthem". Soapy tells fellow bum Horace that he is going to get arrested so he can spend the winter in a nice jail cell. He fails. He can't even accost a woman; she turns out to be a streetwalker. The other stories are "The Clarion Call", "The Last Leaf", "The Ransom of Red Chief", and "The Gift of the Magi".

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Charles Laughton

as The Cop and the Anthem: Soapy

David Wayne

as The Cop and the Anthem: Horace

Marilyn Monroe

as The Cop and the Anthem: Streetwalker

Dale Robertson

as The Clarion Call: Barney Woods

Richard Widmark

as The Clarion Call: Johnny Kernan

Anne Baxter

as The Last Leaf: Joanna Goodwin

Jean Peters

as The Last Leaf: Susan Goodwin

Gregory Ratoff

as The Last Leaf: Behrman

Fred Allen

as The Ransom of Red Chief: Sam 'Slick' Brown

Oscar Levant

as The Ransom of Red Chief: William Smith

Oscar Levant

as The Ransom of Red Chief: Bill Peoria

Jeanne Crain

as The Gift of the Magi: Della

Farley Granger

as The Gift of the Magi: Jim

Lee Aaker

as The Ransom of Red Chief: J.B. Dorset

Kathleen Freeman

as The Ransom of Red Chief: Mrs. Dorset

Irving Bacon

as The Ransom of Red Chief: Ebineezer Dorset


Lloyd Ahern

Lloyd Ahern Director of Photography

Lucien Ballard

Lucien Ballard Director of Photography

Milton R. Krasner

Milton R. Krasner Director of Photography

Joseph MacDonald

Joseph MacDonald Director of Photography

Henry King


International Titles

Fünf Perlen Trailer

Fuenf Perlen Trailer

O. Henry's Full House Trailer

International Releases Dates

Brazil 13 February 1953

Portugal 13 April 1953

United States 07 August 1952

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