Man from Del Rio Trailer

Man from Del Rio Trailer (1956)

"OUTCAST WITH A GUN!" 30 October 1956 Western 82 mins

Mexican gunfighter Dave Robles outdraws the town's outlaw-turned-sheriff and is invited to fill the dead man's shoes. But a tin star doesn't bring automatic respectability and Robles is shunned by the town's leading citizens. His popularity with its less-savory element, particularly saloonkeeper Bannister, wanes dramatically, too, as he starts to take his job seriously. It is his love for a decent, caring woman that keeps Dave in town, but can she convince him to lay down his gun and start a new life?

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Anthony Quinn

as Dave Robles

Katy Jurado

as Estella

Peter Whitney

as Ed Bannister

Douglas Fowley

as Doc Adams

John Larch

as Bill Dawson

Whit Bissell

as Breezy Morgan

Douglas Spencer

as Sheriff Jack Tillman

Bill Erwin

as Roy Higgens

Guinn Williams

as Fred Jasper


Fred Steiner

Original Music Composer

William Glasgow

William Glasgow Art Direction

Stanley Cortez

Stanley Cortez Director of Photography

International Titles

Blefando Com a Morte Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 01 January 1957

United States 30 October 1956

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Man From Del Rio 1956 Anthony Quinn Katy Jurado Full Length Western Movie

Man From Del Rio 1956 Anthony Quinn Katy Jurado Full Length Western Movie *** Director: Harry Horner *** Stars: Anthony Quinn Katy Jurado Peter Whitney. Anthony QuinnKaty Jurado

The Man from Del Rio - Available now on DVD

Click here to purchase this now: Anthony Quinn stars as Mexican gunfighter Dave Robles in this 1950s

Man From Del Rio 1956 Anthony Quinn Katy Jurado Full Length Western Movie

Western. Ein mexikanischer Sheriff (Anthony Quinn) erlebt sein Zwölf Uhr Der Mexikaner Dave Robles kommt in die kleine Stadt Mesa und . Man From Del Rio 1956 Anthony Quinn

Man from Del Rio . Anthony Quinn.1956 HD.

A fast Mexican-American gunman kills a few notorious gunfighters and is hired to replace Mesa's dead sheriff but a crooked saloon-keeper wants him on his.

Anthony Quinn - Man From Del Rio (Blefando com a Morte) 1956 Part1 (Nao tenho mais a parte 2)

Western cult do talentoso e subestimado Harry Horner que já havia dirigido Vicki (Sombras da Loucura) em 1953 com Jeanne Crain e Jean Peters. Dave Robles um pistoleiro mexicano se

Anthony Quinn in Man From Del Rio 1956

Scenes of Anthony Quinn in Man From Del Rio 1956 For the best quality vintage movie stills please visit:

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