The Fastest Gun Alive Trailer

The Fastest Gun Alive Trailer (1956)

"WHAT HAPPENS in the next few minutes makes one of the most dramatic climaxes of any story you've ever seen!" 12 July 1956 Drama, Action, Western 89 mins

Whenever it becomes known how good he is with guns, ex-gunman George and his wife Dora have to flee the town, in fear of all the gunmen who might want to challenge him. Unfortunately he again spills his secret when he's drunk. All citizens swear to keep his secret and support him to give up his guns forever -- but a boy tells the story to a gang of wanted criminals. Their leader threatens to burn down the whole town, if he doesn't duel him.

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Glenn Ford

as George Temple / George Kelby, Jr.

Jeanne Crain

as Dora Temple

Broderick Crawford

as Vinnie Harold

Russ Tamblyn

as Eric Doolittle

Allyn Joslyn

as Harvey Maxwell

Leif Erickson

as Lou Glover

John Dehner

as Taylor Swope

Noah Beery, Jr.

as Dink Wells

J. M. Kerrigan

as Kevin McGovern

Rhys Williams

as Brian Tibbs

Virginia Gregg

as Rose Tibbs

Chubby Johnson

as Frank Stringer

John Doucette

as Ben Buddy

Christopher Olsen

as Bobby Tibbs

Paul Birchard

as Sheriff Bill Toledo


Merrill Pye

Merrill Pye Art Direction

Cedric Gibbons

Cedric Gibbons Art Direction

George J. Folsey

George J. Folsey Cinematography

Edwin B. Willis

Edwin B. Willis Set Decoration

Fred M. MacLean

Fred M. MacLean Set Decoration

William Tuttle

William Tuttle Makeup Artist

Alex Romero

Alex Romero Choreographer

Grace Dubray

Grace Dubray Script Supervisor

International Titles

Moordend lood Trailer

International Releases Dates

Austria 01 September 1957

Germany 26 April 1957

Denmark 23 June 1958

Spain 10 July 1961

Finland 10 May 1957

Portugal 19 September 1956

Sweden 21 January 1957

United States 12 July 1956

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The Fastest Gun Alive 1956 Trailer

The Fastest Gun Alive full hd movie trailer.

The Fastest Gun Alive (1956) Glenn Ford Jeanne Crain Broderick Crawford

In the western frontier town of Cross Creek storekeeper George Temple is a polite and soft spoken man with a secret three bank robbers on the lam stop in town to change horses

「The Fastest Gun Alive」 (必殺の一弾 /1956)  Glen Fordの抜射

GunCoach は、 ロッド・レドウイン *この動画の 撮影ウラ話は、 QUICKPISTOL 資料ギャラリー2

The Fastest Gun Alive Chuck E Cheese

The Dusty Saddle Cinema presents "The Fastest Gun Alive". Watch George Temple in a great scene from the 1956 Western Classic film. But in our version the Dusty Saddle has added a twist

مقدمة فيلمThe Fastest Gun Alive 1956 من عدنان الكلاسيكي 07711196222

The Fastest Gun Alive full hd movie trailer.

The Fastest Gun Alive (1956) Glenn Ford Jeanne Crain Broderick Crawford

In the western frontier town of Cross Creek storekeeper George Temple is a polite and soft spoken man with a secret three bank robbers on the lam . SECRET !!!.Just Today Free

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